Games32: GC - Damnation - Game Preview

Games32 writes: "Damnation is a fast-paced shooter seen from a back-person view similar to Gears of War, which introduces a new concept called "vertical tactics". While most of the shooters today are concentrated on a horizontal view, where most of the enemies are killed at ninety degrees angle from the ground, this game wants to redefine the 3D environment where shooting should imply also up and down attacks. Based on this idea, every level is designed to force the player to stay alert all the time and not only watch his back but also his head and feet.

With the help of the streaming technology a player needs up to 3 hours to cross a level from one side to the other on the normal path and still got the feeling that he is so far from the checkpoint. This is the result of a bottom-up construction of the environment. All you need to do in order to get fast anywhere on the map is to use the environment at your advantage. This means astonishing stunts that have to be performed by the character to climb roof-tops, ladders, to jump rifts, to get across from one ledge to the other, to drive vehicles. As complicated as it may seem, these stunts are very easy to be performed, every move giving a sense of fluidity. The feeling is similar to what Prince of Per"

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ninja_united3736d ago

what is wrong with these people, 8 players ??? BS ¡¡ if u want to compete against the rest of the shooters u have to be at least 24 players MP, too bad cuz damnation looks really nice but the MP stuff is ridiculous