Thunderbolt: Spore Review

Spore is the perfect example of a very interesting idea that takes a step back every time it advances forward. The chronic lack of depth in the middle stages is an injustice to a brilliant start and finish which should have been the crowning moments but instead serve only to hold the game up above water. It would be easy to dissect Spore as a series of mini-games worthy of individual release on Xbox Live, but you're taken on a journey that only you can tamper with, and that's where Spore's credit lies. The customisation element is a feature that the developers are considering selling as a platform for making future videogames, and with the ease seen here it's no wonder why.

More time spent fleshing out what should have been the real meat of this title would have seen its praises sung from every rooftop, but alas, it's as if the developers simply ran out of DNA points. Nature is a fickle bitch.

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