Nintendo's Miyamoto reveals why it took so long to bring Mario to the iPhone

Yahoo: "The biggest surprise to come out of Apple’s huge iPhone 7 event on Wednesday wasn’t a new device, or even a new Apple product. No, the announcement that shook the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco was the appearance of a certain plumber and his father."

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PhoenixUp791d ago

Now reveal why it takes to long to officially announce the NX. I get that they the only announced it at the time so people wouldn't be worried about Nintendo going full mobile, but the silence has gone on too long

NotoriousWhiz790d ago

Probably because they still want to sell 3ds for as long as possible.

mikeslemonade790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

Lol didn't even bother reading because Nintendo execs just like to tell you what you want to here.

LOL_WUT790d ago

This is only the beginning... ;)

Dunban67790d ago

It s taking Nintendo a long time to remove the game pad features from the Wii U version of Zelda BOW! As soon as they can bring the wii u version down and a little below the NX version they will be ready to announce the NX

iTechHeads790d ago

Because Nintendo is selfish. They want to sell you a 3DS instead.

The dedicated handheld is dead though. The '4DS' will get Vita-like sales.

Zodiac790d ago

Of course they want to sell the 3ds. They made it! Lol. They're selfish for wanting their games on their own hardware? They never had any obligation to put it on phones.

iTechHeads790d ago

They're selfish for pushing a dedicated handheld when no one wants one anymore. We have these things called smartphones that are more than capable of playing simple games like Mario.

'They never had any obligation to put it on phones.'
Actually they do, from their investors.

Rippcity790d ago


I fully agree with you man and given the fact that the 3ds has touchscreen capabilities to begin with, I truly believe the control schemes for a lot of their successful mobile franchises would translate really well. I mean shit Pokémon is completely turn based and would probably BENEFIT from touch based controls. Their install base would become everyone in the world who has a smartphone and they could use the money from that to make a beasty ass home console that doesn't need third party support to survive where they can realize the full potential of their fantastic first party IPs.

Sorry for the run on sentences that's just how I talk!

ps360s790d ago


Your pretty clueless...

DragoonsScaleLegends790d ago

No matter how much money Nintendo put's into mobile games if the only input is a touch screen you will never get a platform game that couldn't be way better with a real controller. Of course casual gamers are fine with simple swipes and thumb taps which is why the mobile market exists to begin with but there is only so much you can do with such simple inputs. I don't see a problem with a company that makes huge games not going into the mobile indies scene but of course like every company they can't pass up easy money.

wonderfulmonkeyman790d ago (Edited 790d ago )

"They're selfish for pushing a dedicated handheld when no one wants one anymore"
Is that why 3DS did so well in August even compared to the PS4?
No one wants one. Pfft. GTFO of here with your Nintendo-hating BS.

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freshslicepizza790d ago

pokemon go is making tons of money so now nintendo is going to use that opportunity to release a bunch of mobile games. you will see within the next year they will have at least 6 games on mobile.

Smokingunz790d ago

Lots of ediots on this site I see smh. The 3ds is far from dead bud especially with the sales it currently have, 58 million compared to ps4 40 million and both systems came out the same year. Dedicated handheld consoles will always be better than mobile. Mobile games are too stripped down and has no physical buttons to properly play their games. Ios should be happy that nintendo put their gems on its consoles. I'm ready for a nintendo handheld with current gen graphics in 3d nuff said.

Blastoise790d ago

"58 million compared to ps4 40 million and both systems came out the same year."

No they didn't, 3DS came out in early 2011 and PS4 came out late 2013.

Protagonist790d ago (Edited 790d ago )


Fact-checks are good you know...

deafdani790d ago

It makes no sense to compare 3DS sales to PS4 sales. Handhelds and home consoles are different beasts.
60 million 3DS' sold, while not a small number by itself, is still a low number for Nintendo's own standards of handheld sales. The 3DS could end up being Nintendo's least-selling handheld console. Don't believe me? Look at the sales figures of all the other Nintendo handhelds, and you will see they are still 20 million shy of catching up with their lowest selling to date (Game Boy Advance).

That said, I agree with almost everything else you posted. Dedicated handheld consoles will always be better for gaming overall than smartphones relying purely on touch screen interfaces. Still, there's lots of Nintendo IPs that could work just as well on smartphones: Pokemon, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Animal Crossing, etc.

Warshade790d ago

I'll keep waiting for a real mario game. Endless runners are the retarded cousin of platformers.

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