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15 Things To Do in Fable 2

That Gaming Site has compiled a list of 15 of the most off the wall things you can expect to do in Fable 2 this fall! Hit the jump to see the 15 and give your opinion on them. (Fable 2, Xbox 360)

DarthTigra  +   2518d ago
My god I need this game now.
bouncybullet  +   2517d ago
F words.
Favorite F words.

Fable II
Fallout 3
Far Cry 2

I love the Near Future.
El_Colombiano  +   2517d ago
Man I can't wait to play this game on my PC! I loved the first on, just beat it on the PC a while back, and will do the same with this one. Good game.
Suga Shane  +   2518d ago
you and me both!
fufotrufo  +   2518d ago
Count me in yoo yoo!!
chrisnick  +   2518d ago
im definitely going lesbo
Nevers  +   2517d ago
...but on-topic and in-game, what are your plans?
iHEARTboobs  +   2517d ago
Nice one Nevers!
Alpha_Gamer  +   2518d ago
I need it MOAR than ALL of you!
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sirbigam  +   2518d ago
Ah man really wanna play now, yur looking a Fable2's Male Jigalo
Stickguy259  +   2518d ago
I win
On Fable 2 neededness. For I say so.

I have been waiting for this game since before Fable.



Alpha_Gamer  +   2518d ago
I thought this would be a list of things you could actually do that is interesting. I won`t be doing half of these unless I get really BORED. I could create a much better list.
YoshiMeetsU  +   2518d ago
Bring it on! I Can't wait to play this game.
silverchode  +   2518d ago
Evil Rant Monkey  +   2518d ago
Dyingduck  +   2518d ago
And comming up at number 16
16. Stop playing this boring, dull flop
Droid  +   2518d ago
Right, and I'm guessing you can't wait to play Kiddy Brown Turd.

Gam71  +   2517d ago
Oh look bs3 fangirls trolling.

And they claim we're the ones who troll far more than they do.

Still when you only have one game worth playing and you spend all your time talking about games that will come out in the future you have a lot of free time to troll.

Get back in your cave lameduck
Shane Kim  +   2517d ago
1.Pop in disc
15.Throw xbox out the window along with Failable 2.
bouncybullet  +   2517d ago
At least the 360 has discs to pop in.

Gam71  +   2517d ago
ha. Nice one.
Also when you put the disc in it plays because we live in the real world and actually own a 360 and are not droids who don't own a 360, and just go round making things up because of their buyers remorse.

Nope never played it.
Don't think it deserves the hype it got.
I think a lot of that was from ps owners who wanted something to shout about after seeing what happened with us and halo 3 or GoW1.
But I won't knock it until i've played it.
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WIIIS1  +   2517d ago
You obviously did not play MGS4. It is certainly not a game worth playing. Or even worth watching.
pimpstation  +   2517d ago
1. Create your character
2. Choose a class
3. Remove the disk and send in 360 for RROD repair
4. (one month later) Get 360 back, load up Fable 2, discover that M$ sent you someone else's 360 and you've lost your saves.
5. Create another character
6. Pick a class
7. Begin exploring the starting town
8. Remove the Fable 2 disk and send in 360 for RROD repair
9. (one month later) Get 360 back, load up Fable 2.
10. Go get some more AAs for the controller.
11. Finish exploring starting town, begin first quest
12. Dodge flying pieces of plastic after 360 power brick explodes
13. Evacuate your house as it burns to the ground
14. Cancel your xbox live subscription
15. Buy a PS3 with the insurance money and finally experience true next-gen gaming.
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butterfinger  +   2518d ago
There are too many good games coming out in October.
Between this and LBP, I don't see how I will ever get anything else done. I can't wait for Fable 2. I'll be fighting the army while making my dog jump off a cliff:)
Fox01  +   2518d ago
Yea, I feel your pain. People that have both consoles (even just one) are going to be broke this this fall.
They're so much great games I want to buy (Saints Row II, Rise of the Argonauts, Fallout III, Sacred, Fable II, LBP, Gears 2 and this is just till November!).
And I'll probably have to buy a PS3 for LBP, coz I doubt my friend will lend me his coz he wants the game as much as I do! -BROKE-
TheColbertinator  +   2518d ago
Fable 2 will be sweet.I can't wait to kill an entire orgy with a small dagger
TrevorPhillips  +   2518d ago
definetly getting this game :)
Gam71  +   2517d ago
I disagreed because i don't believe you are getting this game.

I'll need to see a receipt with the box before i change it to an agree.
I hope you understand :)
Mukiwa  +   2517d ago
@ Gam71
Ali_The_Brit_   2518d ago | Spam
pumpkinpunker  +   2517d ago
Fable 2
Hopefully this game lives up to the hype. The bar for X360 RPGs has been set pretty high by Mass Effect and I need a high quality RPG to play until Mass Effect 2 comes out next year.
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LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2517d ago
You can have as much sex as you want in this game?
WIIIS1  +   2517d ago
No doubt Fable 2 is going to be my GOTY followed by Gears 2, but for my wife and daughter it'll have to be LBP.
Deadman64  +   2517d ago
This game is defiantly deeper than I thought it was going to be...
mintaro  +   2517d ago
Number 14 is pure awesomeness
Si-Pie  +   2517d ago
No 1
Well number one is out as you cant get the dog to jump off the cliff. I saw on a video online that they found this problem on beta testing that by throwing the toy off the cliff the dog would jump off after it but they fixed this problem and you cant actually kill the dog in the game.
CViper  +   2517d ago
day 1
or day -1 if I can steal a copy early.
jessupj  +   2517d ago
so you can have sex in the game?
So you can have sex in the game? Not that I'm against it, but don't you think faux news and all the soccer mum's are gonna be jumping all over this even though it (presumably) will have an M rating? You can even have lesbian sex, get hitched up have unprotected sex with all the town sluts! I mean that just spells trouble if you ask me.

If we all keep it quite we shouldn't have a problem but I know as SOON as some certain groups of people dicsover this we'll have another mass effect scenario again.
gersh  +   2517d ago
I'm jealous of Xbox players.
I just recently got Fable for my PC and I LOVE it. Does anyone know if this is coming out for the PC?

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