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Mygamer: Sam and Max Season 2 Review

Sam and Max Season 2 is easily the funniest game that has come out in the last year, and with a low price tag of 35 dollars it seems like an easy recommendation for anyone. While the game itself hasn't been modified in any way there is still enough extra content on the disk to warrant a purchase for those who played the game while it was being released on Gametap (for those that bought a season pass Telltale is giving the disk based game away for free on their website).

For those who played through the first Sam and Max adventure game back in the Nineties, or those that played adventure games back in the day this will seem like an overdue trip home, and for those that haven't played either this is possibly the easiest step into a whole new genre. (PC, Sam and Max Season 2) 8.4/10

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