Hands on with Outward, an Open World Dark Souls Style RPG | Hardcore Gamer

Occasionally, a game comes along that seems like a revelation. A title brimming with intriguing elements that manages to scratch an itch that went previously unnoticed. Even so, when attempting to describe it to others, the description feels reductive compared to the actual experience. This phenomenon applies to Nine Dots Studio’s Outward. When backed into a corner with a deadline cocked and aimed squarely at the head, one would be forced to describe Outward as Dark Souls on an Elder Scrolls like map, with some survival elements mixed in.

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fenome818d ago

Never heard of it, sounds like it could be interesting. I'm gonna keep my eye on this one, I really like the inclusion of split screen co-op.

Mystogan817d ago

ffs finally a game that has splitscreen.

Definitely looking out for this one.

fenome817d ago

That's actually what grabbed my attention the most. I'm not real big into online multiplayer, but I love me some splitscreen.

Relientk77817d ago

This looks pretty coold wonder when it's coming out, assuming next year