GameSpy: Silent Hill: Homecoming Preview

GameSpy writes: "When it comes to horror videogames, there are none more frightening than the Silent Hill series. Sure, the Resident Evil games are good for a zombie-filled scare, but once you enter Silent Hill, you're chilled to the bone on a deep psychological and emotional level. In just a few weeks, the franchise will be making its debut on the current generation of consoles with the release of Silent Hill: Homecoming. We recently booked a visit to the not-so-quaint little town, and put together this little travel log of our adventures.

One of the biggest concerns fans have had regarding this latest entry to the Silent Hill mythology has to do with Konami's choice of developer for the game. Instead of sticking with its Team Silent staff at Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo, the publisher decided to farm the game out to U.S.-based developer The Collective (now called Double Helix Games, after a merger with Shiny Entertainment). Fans of the Silent Hill games were vocal about their concerns that the change in developers would result in the series losing a lot of what's made it such a uniquely frightening experience. After spending some time with the latest preview build of the game, it's safe to say that in the hands of Double Helix, Silent Hill is as terrifying as it's ever been before."

+Atmosphere creepier than ever
+Greatly improved combat system
+Compelling story

-Frustrating camera issues
-Persistent slowdown issues

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