Socom Confrontation: Leaked Beta Footage Shows Off How Soldiers Dance

GameXtract writes "It was only time till it would occur. With thousands of public beta testers currently playing the game, their had to be one stupid fool who didn't read/understand the rules that disclose the game. Regardless leaked footage has hit the net showing off the huge Socom map. Most of the time this gamer is running around trying to find out where the hell his enemy is, but it will sure give you a good look at the map, and what you can expect if you are not already in the beta. The best part of the video takes place in 2:50 where the player kills his enemy, and then decides to dance over his body. A good add on that always makes gamers happy. Video footage after the jump!"

UPDATE: We found one more video this time showing off the intro, customization, controls, and the map. All after the jump!

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KobeT243750d ago

Nice. Couldn't get the Beta but I look forward to the full game.

Dancing part was hilarious by the way.

C_SoL3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

those sound e-fx sound real good.....

Yes, it does come with trophies........

Tidus113750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Hey awesome video.... its looks to really be shaping up hopefully they fix the lag issues.

DOES this game have TROPHIES COMING?

Panthers3750d ago

This game does have serious server issues right now. One game can take 5 min + to load. But that is being worked on.

Otherwise, this game is simply amazing.

TheGamer3750d ago

made a comment there on that page.

# THEMARTatXboxkings Says:
September 8th, 2008 at 10:10 pm

"Looks like another PS3 flop to me"

He is everywhere lol stupid kid.

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PoSTedUP3750d ago

hey man this game is soo tactical, intence, epic and fun, you wont have time to dance! dancing is cool though i guess ; )

BSigel813750d ago

This is the game that I wish MGO was, which is tatical. It's like everyone automatically know not to run and gun or their dead. It's also cool that everyone has a mic, you usually do not see that

solidt123750d ago

Yeah I was shocked when I got into the Beta last week and everybody uses a mic. The guy in this video really didn't show much though. You can change the camera perspective which I think it looks a lot better over the shoulder. I have been having more fun in the Beta than I expected. This is my first SOCOM game and I see why everyone from the PS2 loves it so much.

PoSTedUP3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

yea theirs like no little kids either XD......its friggin awesome!

best online franchise ever made imo and i couldnt live with out it.

yea its great that ever1 has a mic, you really need one too cuz its so tactical.

oh the greatest thing in the world is when you sneak up on someone and scream something stupid into the mic and then cut them LOL! try it!

edit: lol can i have my bubble back please? no big deal though...... back to socom......

morganfell3750d ago

Every SOCOM game had dancing.

akaFullMetal3750d ago

never played one, but this time ill pick it up and see what makes this game so great, ill probably get addicted

Sitdown3750d ago

I didn't know that your opponents can hear what you are saying in the mic.

morganfell3750d ago

Anyone that has played SOCOM titles for long has had plenty of experience where some moron stopped to dance over a dead enemy and got his melon popped for it. Nothing funnier than dying in the middle of gloating.

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villevalorox3750d ago

hahaha thats gr8!!. lol. cant wait to get my hands on this. {A NEW WAY TO T-BAG}!! dance ur balls n their face! lol

mugoldeneagle033750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

This is the sole reason why the SOCOM franchise has always been my number one game.


As a Playstation 3 launch owner, words can't even describe how long and painful the process was to find a game where users actually used headsets:

1) Call of Duty 3 - No mic support (If I recall correctly)
2) Resistance: FOM - Mic support, very very limited
3) Rainbow 6 Vegas - Some users, still a majority without mics
4) Warhawk - Mic support growing, not up to potential
5) COD4 - Mic useage around 70% (Estimated guess)
6) MGO - Things take a turn for the worse, mic support drops
7) Socom Confrontation Beta - ALmost full mic support

People underestimate how hardcore the SOCOM fanbase is. To sum it up, if you join a game without a mic there's a very good chance you'll be asked to leave (nicely) or voted out. Communication is key to winning and people realize this.

So newcommers beware, buy a mic :)

_____________________________ ______________________________ _ __________

As for the Beta here are a few Pro's and Con's from a Beta Tester/Socom Vet:

1) Loading times are terrible. Just as bad as Motorstorm's was when the game first launched

2) There is lag, there are delays in the Menu Screens

3) Every 2nd/3rd game the game freezes at the loading screen, causing a system restart. I've probably restarted my console 20 times already

4) Sixaxis works, but is very tedious

But remember, this is a BETA!

As for everythhing else, Slant Six has nailed it perfectly. Core gameplay is back, tactical mapping is back, strategy is in place, everything seems to be falling right into place.

All in all SOCOM Confrontation is a must buy for SOCOM fans, and if you love shooters you'll definetly want to give this game a try. Yes the control scheme will annoy you, yes it's a 3rd person shooter, and yes it's online only, but you wont find a more engaging experience anywhere else. Guaranteed.

See you on the battlefield!

PSN: mugoldeneagle03

PoSTedUP3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

bubbles : )

but you can change your control's to whatever you want so the control scheme isnt really a problem.

yea i probably restarted my ps3 like 20 times also or maybe even more.

your right about ps3 and mic's, its the truth. but socom almost everyone has a mic.

edit: where did my bubble go? can somebody help me find it? : )

Time_Is_On_My_Side3750d ago

lol, all those games support a microphone just that PlayStation 3 games you have to know how to turn on your mic for each game. For Call of Duty 3 I never played so I don't now about that game. I talk in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots all the time.

Prototype3750d ago

I don't have a mic and I wasn't asked to leave. People understood at my apt I'm on NAT 3 connection and no matter how many times I try to connect using a mic it won't load. That's not an invite to go and say "Oh well get better internet" or "well play another game." I still follow orders and I do know what I'm doing.

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