Novastrike Trophies List

Here's the trophies list for the newly patched game Novastrike. Enjoy & happy trophy hunting!

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Silogon3746d ago

Fantastic game and this is a much needed patch to draw in new users who might've thought it was too hard for them or not up their ally. This game is easily the best shooter on the network. I bought it day 1 and play it all the time to tis day. Novastrike is a game that takes actual skill to play.

White-Sharingan3746d ago

Sexy =D more trophies are welcomed with open arms

UNCyrus3746d ago

The alt site I posted has more up-to-date trophies lists including some of the secret trophies for this game...


thereapersson3746d ago

It gets more addictive the more you play it. I think it has been overlooked by many people, which is a shame.

killcycle3745d ago

is this game out in the uk store?

SL1M DADDY3745d ago

I loved it. I will have to play it some more now that it supports trophies. Cool deal.