Infamous Multiplayer Coming?

IGN UK have received an interview with Nate Fox, producer on the upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive Infamous. He lets slip some interesting information, that multiplayer may be announced in 2 months time.

"IGN: Will there be any integration with PlayStation Network?

Nate Fox: I'm sorry, I'm going to have to give you the patented two months from now answer.

IGN: So it's exclusively a single-player game?

Nate Fox: We'll tell you in two months time. Right now we're showing the single-player stuff, which we're excited about and it's going to be fun. That's currently our schtick.

IGN: What exactly is going to happen in two months time?

Nate Fox: The moon's going to crack in two and out of it will come all knowledge of Infamous. "

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chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )


looks like I have some to blame, if I missed a ledge.

chaosatom3697d ago (Edited 3697d ago )

and then you become aware that a mission exists. Our missions are different in that they have very strong beginnings, middles and ends with a lot of scripted events along the way to make you feel like you're the star of the action"

thank god. :) I don't want this game to become a GTA.

Panthers3697d ago

This game is going to become a huge hit like Uncharted and Resistance.

While M$ is trying to get old hits, Sony is making new ones.

badz1493697d ago

I'm keeping my eyes on this title and from the video, it looks kinda fun! I hope it turns out to be great!

Jamegohanssj53697d ago

It's nice how they have things settled in an orderly fashioned way. I can't wait for this game, but I can wait those two months to see what's cooking with the multi player. I'm not too much of the online multi player anyway, but it's nice to have things for others.


peedie163697d ago

it would be cool if they set their multilayer up like a MMO

ThatCanadianGuy3697d ago

I hope by some slim chance its co op.

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The story is too old to be commented.