Gamedaily: Spore Review

Gamedaily writes: "Imagine the difficulty in combining hockey, soccer, football, tennis and a triathlon into a single event. Spore, the newest creation from Sims creator Will Wright promises the video game equivalent -- a game that combines a real-time strategy game, a god-like creation tool, a social network and a journey into space all in one.

Spore might best be viewed as set of games that introduce casual gamers to the basic concepts of a real-time strategy game. Simple resource gathering, basic combat strategy are presented here in candy-coated ease with a personalized character that they'll grow to love. Gamers with any RTS experience will feel that Spore is a step back since buildings don't evolve, simple attack strategies focus on merely overwhelming enemies with brute force, there's no technology evolution, and there's seemingly little reward apart from evolution. That's not to say that it isn't fun to fight and evolve. The creatures are the real stars of the game. It's nothing short of amazing to mold your own creature and watch it evolve from scavenger to civilized space-farer."

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