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XBA says: A surprisingly fun adventure that suffers a few hiccups along the way.

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gangsta_red794d ago

78? I doubt this...going off other reviews the technical issues are just too abundant to ignore.

Damn shame, everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves for killing a game that had a lot of potential.

DaDrunkenJester794d ago

Going off my personal experience with the game (since I own it and am playing it) I have yet to run into any glitches and bugs and the load times are way overblown. Maybe it's because I have a separate 5TB hard drive for my X1, but I have only had 2 instances of a loading screen lasting around the 40 second mark. Game is very fun and a nice throw back to old platformers, as of now I'd give it a 8.

maybelovehate794d ago

On PC the load times are around 6 seconds. Which makes the X1 load times seem really bad. I am using SSD drives in both x1 and PC. But of course the X1 drive is on USB3 so there could be a bottleneck. And my PC has much more and faster memory.

IamTylerDurden1794d ago

The reason it is a 58 on Metacritic seems to be for a multitude of issues. From what critics say Recore has big open areas with nothing interesting to do, it's repetitive and simplistic, poor graphics, technical issues and bugs, and a tedious end-game.

The truth is, Recore has a worse Metacritic than The Order and No Man's Sky.

maybelovehate794d ago

The core platforming gameplay mechanics are fun. But the game is a letdown. Graphics and Enemy AI are just too simple and boring. It feels like a beta in most regards. Even at 40 dollars way too much. Feels like a game you would get off of Steam for 9.99.

Sciurus_vulgaris794d ago

It will likely be on steam and deals with gold for 9.99 in a few months. MS,missed up this game by launching it in the fall. ReCore looks like it should of been delayed to February 2017.