Is Shuhei Yoshida Right To Excuse Sean Murray For His Failings?

Shuhei Yoshida has acknowledged No Man's Sky and its failings. Gaz from Gameondaily discusses whether Yoshida is correct in excusing Murray for his game's shortcomings

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YinYangGaming338d ago

I don't think Sony are completely blameless in the controversy, after all, they're the ones who do the QA testing etc. and helped market the game

Genuine-User338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

That's true. Some of the blame does go on Sony since the two companies worked close on this project, Sony provided their E3 stage and helped Hello Games market NMS. But what Shu said regarding Sean Murray is absolutely correct, he understands some of the criticisms Sean Murray is getting, the man over promised since the first reveal.

↓↓↓ I agree↓↓↓

YinYangGaming338d ago

Oh yeah, and to hell with anyone criticising Shu for this, it's rare an exec actually tells it how it is instead of PR spin

nX338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

As far as I remember, Sony only promoted actual footage of the game, even if they only took the best bits.

The lies all came from Sean Murray himself. Most aren't even that bad or things that can simply change during game development... but claiming there would be a chance to meet other players was one something you can't excuse.

moldybread337d ago

I like his reasons,"he didn't have a PR person." Which in English terms means don't talk so much and be as vague as possible during questioning.

Cupid_Viper_3337d ago

This is my first time ever commenting on this whole fiasco, and I'll share my two main gripes with the whole thing.

Firstly, and just by looking at most comment sections when it comes to this game. The majority of people commenting negatively about the game don't actually own the game. And of that majority, you can also see that a bigger portion of them don't even own a PS4. Which leaves us with the question of; "Why exactly are you so passionately bashing a game, you don't own which is on a console that you don't own, at every opportunity you get?

I can only think of one possible answer to the question above which is that this is still one industry and that we shouldn't allow deceptive marketing practices to get a foothold in our industry. This is something I want to agree with wholeheartedly, but then my mind quickly goes back to the XBox 360 days where people in this very thread have bought multiple skus of a console they knew would fail. Where people in this very thread defended Project Natal (later named Kinect) even though they were shown undeniable proof that Microsoft hired actors to mislead with the stage demos. Kinect NEVER came close to working like advertised, yet I don't remember this very group of guys in even attacking it, let alone as passionately as you guys seem to do it for this game.

Moving on to this current gen, you guys bought the Xbox One on the promise that it had cloud capability that would make it 3x more powerful, (LIES). You guys were also told that the Xbox One cannot work without Kinect attached (MORE LIES). You guys were also told that the Xbox one would NEVER be sold without the Kinect (EVEN MORE LIES). Yet, you guys spent $500 (launch prices) and happily came up with excuses for not getting features you were all promised. But here you guys are lynching a developer who at the most has only done what your lovely Microsoft has been doing for generations now in the gaming industry. And you guys know exactly who you are....

My point here is not to say that this Sean Murray guy is beyond reproach. It would be nice though if the criticism was coming only from those who actually bought the game and played it. Anything else feels disingenuous when you that it comes from people who have willingly bent over and got on their knees for far worse.

I bought the game, I played it for about 10 hours and I haven't touched it since because I'm waiting to see if there will be a VR patch for it. If not, then I'll be quite disappointed because I paid $80 for this game (Canadian prices) but I've only ever wanted to play it in VR since I first saw footage of the game. But this disappointment will be my own doing, though, because although he kinda hinted at VR when asked about it and had good things to say about it, he never really outright promised that it would be part of the final game.

Anyways, this is getting way too long already... rant over.

moldybread337d ago

"The majority of people commenting negatively about the game don't actually own the game. And of that majority, you can also see that a bigger portion of them don't even own a PS4. "

first off, this IS NOT a ps4 only title so stop acting like it is. secondly you have no idea what it is you are even talking about.


see those reviews that are negative, see the time above of how much they played? now what? what other words of wisdom are you going to share with us now? the rest of your comment totally went off-topic and was about the xbox, why? you obviously have a position in the whole console war madness so do everyone a favor and stay on-topic and most of all, make some sense. thanks.

CuddlyREDRUM337d ago

You are praising Yoshida for not taking any credit as the marketers of the game, and the failings therein? Umm, Sony was Sean's PR.

Yoshida seriously slammed the developer, but then said it didn't hurt the Playstation brand because they made off with a ton of money. Pathetic.

ShowanW337d ago


What does Shu throwing Hello Games under the bus have to do with Microsoft?

Please tell me. Shu works for Sony not MS.

People like u kill me.... those words came straight from a Sony exec. and you find a way to pass blame to another conpany who have nothing to so with the remarks...

And then u gonna write a whole essay about it
Not a good look on your part at all...

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Septic338d ago

Not critiquing Shu for this btw. It was really refreshing to see him acknowledge the problems with the game. Decent bloke

TankCrossing338d ago

Didn't Sony publish the game on the PS4? If so they must shoulder some of the blame for the PR...

Septic338d ago


That is something I admittedly did not consider.

Gwiz338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Would denying it make the situation better?of course not
admitting it was all they could do.

Remember this is Sony, the ones being silent after a major breach in their network.So admitting that Hello Games did not do a proper job is not decent in my eyes.It's easy to blame someone else.

IamTylerDurden1338d ago

And you act like an authority on NMS, Septic, but you haven't even played it.

NMS is flawed just as EVERY game is flawed, but it doesn't make it a bad game.

People apparently would rather believe sensationalists like you than hard facts. NMS IS A 71 ON METACRITIC, it IS a decent game. It is NOT the awful, horribly reviewed game that ppl like this would lead you to believe.

_-EDMIX-_337d ago


What makes me upset is that he's acknowledging this before the creators of the game and its starting to be really clear why Sony probably didn't put their own name on the box or why they didn't even purchase the intellectual property, maybe it's because they saw what the real game was...

CuddlyREDRUM337d ago

Even though Sony did the marketing for the game, you are praising Yoshida for throwing the developer to the dogs?

Sony can literally do something messed up like ModBlocking and the fanboys still defend them. Sony can slam a developer for the job Sony was supposed to do, and fanboys still defend them.


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MasterCornholio338d ago (Edited 337d ago )

They are not blames however Shu understands perfectly well what happened with the game that gave it so much negativity. I honestly don't see this as a bad thing as long as Sony learns from this.

Most of the blame goes to Sean though.


Im sorry that the first part of my comment doesn't make any sense.

IamTylerDurden1337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

And what happened that gave it so much negativity? Why did The Order get so much hate? Star Wars Battlefront, SFV, and soon to be The Last Guardian? I think it has more to do with than just Metacritic score.

Tell me i'm wrong and then see if you can find dozens of hateful articles about the disappointing game called Recore, which by the way has a worse Metacritic score than every one of the games mentioned above. There appears to be a double standard, maybe it's just America, maybe it's just N4G, but it exists.

game4funz337d ago

@i am tyler
I don't think there's a double standard. Recore reviewed poorly but Microsoft barely marketed the game.
The hype was non existent and the game is not that bad in my opinion... I had no expectations and no promises were given. With that game there's a huge disconnect between the reviews and what actual players are reporting in terms of how good it is.

Overload338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Just curious, but do you even have any idea about how marketing deals work?

Sony does not own the company and has little to no input on anything that goes on with development. They are given a demo and marketing materials from the company they are pair with and have zero idea what is going on besides checking on its development from time and reading the marketing materials provided. The trailers are even cut by the developers them selves or a hired company that has footage provided by the developers. Anything else going on would be "perks" provided with the contact.

The only mistake they made was getting involved with them, but based on prior history and ventures it probably seemed perfectly normal.

Sean Murray is a liar, he lied to everyone including PlayStation, which is why PSN started refunding the game, which is unheard of until now.

Thatguy-310338d ago

Exactly haha I don't know what these people expect. Sony was there to market the game so the mass market can buy it not the other way around. The marketing team really did their job since the game sold a ton. People are really going over board with this. If one dislikes a product then they learn from it and move along. Damn if only people were this critical with movies, food, etc. that don't meet their expectations.

gangsta_red338d ago

So Sony is helping with marketing but not PR?

If Sony was misled this hard then shouldn't some of that fault also be put on Sony? Shu even admits he played the game before it released, he had to of known what we all thought an hour into the game, that it's nothing what was shown at the demos or promised by Sean and crew.

I wouldn't place the whole blame on Sony, but just like the technical issues of Recore a game that is close to MS's hip, some blame should be put on the publisher for marketing a game that turned out to be little to nothing of what was shown to the public.

maybelovehate338d ago

Exactly. It was the Sony Hype machine that made this game able to sell at 60 dollars. No one in their right mind would pay 60 dollars for an indie game from a tiny studio normally.

ZeroX9876338d ago (Edited 338d ago )

Many Xbox Fans accuses us from being overly protective of Sony, but this one they could've handled things better.

At least, he acknowledges the missing features, but couldn't they update the game and add those features in the long run?

What pisses me off the most is that Sean dodged the questions gamers were asking him right after the game came out and it felt like Hello Games didn't care. And now, it's Sony answering for them? get it together and take responsibilities for your mistakes Sean!

Again, if the game was 30 or 40$, that would've been a great title for that price, but 60$...... in Canada, it costed me $80. I enjoyed the game, just not enough to justify the $80.

ziggurcat338d ago

"... after all, they're the ones who do the QA testing..."

Sony would not have been the ones doing the QA.

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IamTylerDurden1338d ago

The perception that NMS is a failure is just that, a perception. It's a perception that's been forged through a massive campaign to see the game fail. I see tons of ppl who actually play the game loving it and still continuing to play. It seems like the mass majority of haters are ppl who have never even played it. I'm 20 hrs in and LOVING IT.

Games like Recore are rated FAR worse on Metacritic yet i see hardly any negative articles on N4G. It seems like there certainly is an agenda with NMS. It's sad and embarrassing as a fellow gamer to see the mob like mentality of ppl. The same thing happened to The Order, which also has a better Metacritic than Recore.

BLKxSEPTEMBER337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Oh gtfo with that BS. MAJORITY of the people complaining are PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE GAME!!! How are people getting refunds if they never bought the game? You're just in denial. The game is not what it was shown to be. And obviously you haven't been on N4G in the last week if you say Recore hasn't received bad press on N4G. Just stop making up bs.

gangsta_red337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I love how with all your temper tantrums your throwing at the same time pointing your finger at Recore and yelling "look at them, look at them!". There have been many articles about the failing of Recore and I know you know this but then you actually admitting this wouldn't fit your "everyone hates sony" manifesto agenda.

Recore also sits high above The Tomorrow Children...does it make Recore a better game? The point is, these games failed to live up to their potential and its obvious when even gawd damn SHU speaks on it! Or has Shu also not played the game?

Your extreme defending of this game and blaming everyone else who doesn't like it or anything else is becoming a parody now. It's almost as if this is another alt account only made to laugh at how ridiculous a fan base can be.

The fact that those accounts are banned is what makes the joke all to serious.


Hilarious, in his attempt to try and pass off blame he actually shed light on how this game got a free pass from a lot of reviewers and critics.

vega275337d ago


You keep going on about a 71 metacritic score. But all that does is throw into question the reviews of the game. If most games had this many bugs and as repetitive as NMS. Would and have review lower. So how do this game get a pass.

rainslacker337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

One difference between NMS and Recore, is that Recore was barely talked about by the dev, MS, and almost nothing was really shown before release. There were no real expectations going in, except those built up by the rampant fan boy that it would be some killer app for the X1.

Not that I think people are being reasonable with their hate of NMS, and it's gone well into the realm of rediculousness or double standards, but not many people really cared about recore, whereas NMS was hyped up to be some really fresh new and amazing experience, partially on the back of the developers own PR and marketing for the game.

He didn't deliver everything he apparently promised, most of which was what people thought he was saying he'd deliver, and the game was partially broken on launch, and that gave the people who wanted to downplay anything about anything Sony exclusive what they needed to really go all out on the criticism. Recore doesn't have any of that surrounding it, because where are we going to say that MS, or the devs, did anything to actually promise anything. Realistically, you'd be hard pressed to even know much about the game before release, since the game play trailer was a compilation and extremely brief, and outside a couple CGI trailers, what was there to know or hype up?

Personally, I was disappointed in Recore, which makes it 2 for 3 games I got my X1 for that didn't deliver, QB being the first. That leaves Cuphead. NMS was OK, nothing special, but I didn't build my hopes up to epic proportions, so overall, I'm content with what it delivered....which is the same boat I have with Recore, but recore offers nothing that is exciting or worth being excited for. Decent enough game I guess.

There are actually good criticisms that are coming up in the wake of NMS sky release, and IMO, they should be listened to, and analyzed so similar things don't happen again. However, it's hard to discuss valid criticism with the rampant hate that surrounds the game which includes copious amounts of criticism which places unrealistic expectations on the game, and the final product.....some of which are not the fault of the developer, or Sony itself.

monkeyfox337d ago

Couldn't agree more. Great game that just needs a few extras bits developed for it over the next few months to help with longevity.
Seems like the hate campaign was perpetrated mainly by pc gamers, xbox gamers and just plain ar$holes...