Can customisation make or break a game?

IM PLAYIN discuss customisation in games.

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_-EDMIX-_792d ago

No absolutely not that's the craziest thing I've ever read , at the end of the day people are playing the game because of the solid content and design , not because of customization features

C4rnos792d ago

Customization is far more important in RPG titles, that's for sure- i'd say it certainly enhances and adds a personal touch to any main character, now of course there are those heavily directed characters like Geralt of Rivia, Nathan Drake etc. that just wouldn't be the same without their tell-tale faces, but there are plenty of games that could work better with the ability to customize.

Assassins Creed games for example- rather than having to make painfully annoying characters they could just add in more choice, customization of features, general skills/style and hey presto we've got a much more interesting and intriguing character because of a few rpg elements; doesn't excuse Ubisoft's lack of originality from each game though :p

So, while i wouldn't say it's make or break, it'd be a welcome feature in most games with any degree of freedom, where you aren't tied to the railroad, the supporting cast is just as important as the main character these days- why not focus on them?. (not in the awful way like DA:Inquisition though *shudders*)

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