Project Offset to be a Larrabee Launch Title, PC Exclusivity Nearly Certain

Exclusive – In February of this year, Intel acquired game developer Offset Software and its game engine technology with the obvious goal to deliver a game that can show off the capabilities of its upcoming discrete graphics card, code-named Larrabee. Late Friday we got our hands on new concept art, revealing some of the work that has been done over the past six months and received word that Offset will also be launching a new community to collect feedback from gamers on Monday.

Project Offset, developed as a first person shooter based on the Offset engine, has been a little known effort until a video leaked to the web in July 2007. The visuals received praise, but the company almost disappeared from the surface of the earth when Intel announced that it had acquired the studio. No further information about Project Offset has been provided since then and as far as the game engine is concerned, we only know that it has been licensed by Red5 Studios. Project Offset was rumored to be a PC only game before the Intel acquisition and now we are certain that this in fact will be the case. Intel would not pour money into a game that may look better on a game console than on a PC.

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Boldy3720d ago

I just hope that by the time it releases it will be able to run on my 8800GTS graphics card.

JsonHenry3719d ago

Am I the only one thinking Larrabee is nothing more than a gimmick in terms of video gaming performance? DOA?

Fishy Fingers3720d ago

Not surprised, as soon as Intel signed on the dotted line this game was all but guaranteed PC exclusive.

PirateThom3720d ago

Don't tell the fanboys, both were convinced it was only on their consoles as well as PC.

El_Colombiano3720d ago

Buh, buh, but PIRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!1111!1!!!!!11!!!

3720d ago
Ju3720d ago

So, I am wondering. How can that work out if Intel is buying game studios on one side but want to convince console builders to use Larrabee on the other ? Isn't that an immediate thread against the console manufacturer? Or is Intel coming up with their own console, eventually ? Curious. I could imagine they might alienate a couple of people with that strategy. I could imagine, even EA might have some thoughts about that constellation (huge HW manufacturer with loads of cash buying exclusive studios...). There's something in the making, no ?

3720d ago
M337ING3720d ago

They're only courting console developers so that they could get more multi-plat games to support their hardware.

I'm sure they will make more money from selling discrete cards than giving discounted chips to MS for the next Xbox.

Ju3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

I don't know. Selling a couple of million chips (10-100M) is quite an opportunity. And yes, I agree. Intel can do whatever they want. That's what I think might frighten some others, though. But, well, if that would mean another console at some point, I don't care. Bring it on.

Larrabee would make the most sense in a console, because it would allow them to strip out the CPU. Man, ever heard about Commodore's Hombre project. Funny how history repeats itself ( ).

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3720d ago

I hate marketing ploys like this. It's obvious the Project Offset in-house engine looked great to begin with. So whenever Intel shows off Project Offset and why their Larrabee chip is best suited for gaming, take it all in with a grain of salt.

We've seen this all before with DX10/Crysis, and most notably, Cell Factor and Ageia PhysX cards.

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