NZGamer: Spore Review

NZGamer writes: "here do you go from designing the best selling PC game of all time? Evidently onto a new and more enticing project, while EA go on to milk the Sims for all its worth. With that in mind, Will Wright has been busy designing his next masterpiece: Spore. However, before we get into the game itself, let's take a look at the online community and the Creature Creator released just a few months earlier.

Spore is one of those titles that will get a lot of support from the community through user-generated content. The user-created monsters have ranged from obscene phallic symbols to creatures inspired by anime characters and console controllers. The Creature Creator is a user-friendly program. It gives the future Spore players a selection of limbs to customize by expanding and rotating and pick from a variety of colours and art styles for their creature. It's so easy to use even a blind monkey could put something decent looking together in a short amount of time. So predictably, not long after the free and full versions of the Creature Creator went live, thousands of creatures showed up online."

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