Retro-View: Okami HD Is A Stroke of Brilliance

Okami HD is without a doubt the best example of how a video game can be a work of art.

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Darkfist_Flames613d ago

we need Okami 2, or someone need to make a game like it

PhoenixUp613d ago

That's not going to happen for two reasons.

1. The game didn't sell well enough for Capcom to consider making a full blown sequel. The closest we got was Okamiden on the DS.

2. Clover Studio is no more. Most of the team that worked on this game now works at Platinum Games. We'll have to wait and see if Hideki Kamiya's team will make a spiritual successor. Although the closest paid tribute we've seen from them is when Bayonetta transforms into a panther, just like Amaterasu, a trail of flowers and plant life follows her.

PhoenixUp613d ago

I enjoyed this game a lot on PS3. It had a slow start, but it was an entertaining ride throughout the entire playthrough.

MilkMan613d ago

ANOTHER remake? No, thank you.
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