Olivia Munn Breast Massage On AotS

From video description: "Kevin and Olivia give each other a nice, long breast massage in the opening of AOTS today, showing just how much they love each other."

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thePatriot3745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

one of the few good things about g4tv is ninja warrior and the ladies. Olivia, Leyla and even Morgan Webb's manyaw are preety hot.
edit forgot blare butler also hot

cokzilla233745d ago

agree with 1.1 except for the part of blare butler.

LeonSKennedy4Life3745d ago

Layla Kahleigh?

She's atrocious, dude!

zo6_lover273745d ago

1.1 has everything right except for Blair butler

psnDevistator3563745d ago

Lucky punk, would of been even better if it was Leyla

thePatriot3745d ago

she might not be perfect but I kinda like that comic book nerd

thebudgetgamer3745d ago

Morgan Webb is my gaming goddess. has anyone seen her preview a game that she is really into her eyes light up like a kid on xmas. shes at her most sexy when shes just standing around being morgan.

silverchode3745d ago

are you serious dude layla is fVckin hot

cokzilla233745d ago

layla is not only hott, but she also has a sexy accent to go along with her nice rack!

AAACE53745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Don't forget the one who does the show "Cheat", I haven't watched that in a while but she always had something about her that made her attractive. You know... she is kind of like that friend you try not to look at in that way, but then you get drunk and see something totally different!

That's it! I remembered... Kristen Holt! That's her name.

Blair Butler always reminded me of the girl who pretends to be your girl's friend, only until she can get the chance to make her a lesb. and then take her from you! I always saw her as someone who would be leading the gay pride parade.

The guy who said Layla Kayleigh was ugly needs to have his manhood revoked! How in the F... can you not be attracted to her? Everything about her screams sexuality! Unless you prefer women who look more like men...I don't get it!

typikal823745d ago

Blair Butler is a d00d. Morgan Webb looked bad before this year, I think they pretty'd her up good now, lol. She still has man shoulders though.

Laylas small and hot. Kristin Holt is fkn hot and can sing, uber sexy, man have yall seen her Maxim spread?? :leghump: Olivia is okay imo.

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JustinSaneV23745d ago

Well this didn't take long to hit the front page.

vickers5003745d ago

It took it a long ass time to hit n4g, this thing is older than the internet. Plus wtf does this have to do with gaming? As awesome as it is, it has nothing to do with games.

BigKev453745d ago

Dam, Olivia is so dam hot. Lucky bastard is right.

Statix3745d ago

I don't think that's FCC-approved.

Hawkeyes3153745d ago (Edited 3745d ago )

Who cares, it's olivia munn. Olivia has one word for you. gay.

Statix3745d ago

I didn't say I didn't enjoy that very, very (very, very, excessively) much personally.

All I'm remarking on is that I'm not sure that this stuff is approved for TV broadcast, and seems at least somewhat controversial to me. I mean, by golly whiz, there's kids watching. Remember Nipplegate?

Hawkeyes3153745d ago

The seed of doubt has already been planted. Have fun trying to explain the FCC in the future.

deeznuts3745d ago

It's cable right? There is no FCC restriction on nudity AFAIK. I think cable channels set their own rules. But this isn't Janet Jackon and Broadcast TV.

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deeznuts3745d ago

Holy shiz there was a nip slip. And I'm at work, I feel guilty.

Morrissey3745d ago

It was kind of unflattering it was all squashed, Lily Allen seems to be queen of the nip slip