Ok I get it, Microsoft isn't doing well in Japan!

An article about Microsofts failure in Japan, written by someone who actually lives in Japan!

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chaosatom3721d ago

PS3 gets the RPGs. There will be little interest in the 360 even after a huge price difference.

chaosatom3721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

they possibly can in Japan. It's time they move on.

After Wii, Ps3 will gets its moment to shine.

If someone compares Wii to ps3 sales, then they miss the point completely.

mohib-uddin79865323721d ago

This article is wrong "there doing horribly"

wray773721d ago

It's not doing well in Japan? I'm shocked. Is this really news though? It seems more like a personal observation. I'm going to bet there will be more insightful comments made here than the actual article. Save your clicking strength, I thought I needed to read the article before making a comment, but you don't, it says nothing new. FPS, RPG blah blah blah.

ActionBastard3721d ago

"They won't win this round, but I beet they will do a lot of business for the next generation."

That exact statement was made with the Xbox1.

Bladestar3721d ago

exactly... and the xbox 360 is doing 10 times better than the original xbox... not only that buy they managed to convince Japanese developer to support and make games for the xbox 360... hell... even FFXIII and Star Ocean are going to be on the xbox 360...

So now... think about it... all the next xbox has to do is do 2-3 times better than the xbox 360 and they beat the $h!t out of playstation... not bad... unlike the PS2 that practically made the origignal xbox non-existent....

silverchode3721d ago

maybe in the distant future microsoft will win a console war.

Harry1903721d ago (Edited 3721d ago )

Bladestar missed the part when they announced FF13 would only be released on the PS3 in Japan.

Now tell me the Japanese are going to care about waiting for the game to launch in NA or Europe 6 months or 1 year later to import a copy for their 360 and find out it's not compatible with their Japanese xbox360 as well as not being able to read English.

SL1M DADDY3721d ago

The Xbox 1440 might actually have a fighting chance in Japan. Of course, hell will have frozen over and pigs will be airborne but anything is possible.... right?

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At present in Japan they;

Love the Wii

Like the PS3

are Indifferent to the 360.

Mind you a nation that loves dating games and train simulators is kinda worrying (tongue firmly in cheek).

v1c1ous3721d ago

and raises you lil boy butt replicas.

and i say this because i've seen them O_O

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