TNA iMPACT Fan Site Kit Now Available on

Midway today announced the availability of a fan site kit for TNA iMPACT! the video game, scheduled to ship to stores tomorrow.

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Silogon3753d ago

This game is going to bomb huge!

No weapons
No height difference
No weight classes
14 moves per wrestler
no more than 4 in the ring
no blood
no physical fatigue or facial experesions

I can go on and on and on. These are all confirmed, by the way. Confirmed by the lead developer.

Silogon3753d ago

-No weight classes

-No blood

-No weapons of any kind

-Inaccurate/Incomplete move sets

-No fighting in the crowd or back stage

-No belts (WTF??????)

-No create a wrestler call names (you'll be introduced as player one!)

-No custom sound tracks (or using your music for entrance themes)

-Max 4 wrestlers in the ring at one time

-very short ring entrances

-no create a move, create an entrance, etc.

-all finishing moves are from a front graple (WTH? No back grapple finishers???)

-5 create a wrestler save slots.....5!!!!!!!!!
This is from the Midway Q&A...

byeGollum3753d ago

if thats all true then wow - im not gonna jump to conclusions yet tho ..

Jamegohanssj53753d ago

This game is a joke just like TNA.