PS3 and Wii Gamers Rush to Play Online RPG Warrior Quest

GameSpy: Since its re-launch two weeks ago Warrior Quest, a free-to-play online RPG, has seen its console audience grow to surpass its already substantial PC and Mac following. Lead by PlayStation 3 gamers, console players have been logging on to Warrior Quest in record numbers, far surpassing the number of players accessing the game from home videogame consoles in any preceding month. Following closely behind PlayStation gamers, Warrior Quest has also developed a strong audience among Wii owners who, like PS3 gamers, can access Warrior Quest through their console's internet browser.

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Raoh3747d ago

Yet another value of the ps3.. not to mention even the wii has wireless and internet access adding value to your home console..

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

Wired = still best =P
(and thats what i did with the Wii)

N4g_null3747d ago

WOW I didn't even know about this! I guess that's why Wii owners are not playing it.

BrotherNick3747d ago

Where does it say that they aren't? Maybe the wii has better retail games ;) or if we go on the other side of the coin, you can say no one plays their wiis anymore to make a big enough impact. :)

N4g_null3746d ago

Not playing this game compared to PS3 owners who are playing it more. Sorry about that but I don't know many people playing this game on the Wii even though many flash games are playable on the Wii thurough the internet channel. I'm mostly watching youtube on it.