Consumers Still Hesitating When it Comes to $59.99 'Next-Gen' Pricing

GameDaily writes: "New consoles cost more. New games cost more. The gaming world is definitely expensive, but how is that affecting consumer behavior?

We asked a large national sample of next – gen console owners how they felt about increased game pricing and what their reactions would be."

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BrotherNick3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

Hell even 49.99 is annoying to me...I wait for sales because I want more money in my pockets. I'm also cheap. This could be why crappy wii games are selling nicely.

thebudgetgamer3746d ago

sometimes its hard for me to justify spending 60$ for a game and thats before tax i might have to take out another student loan to buy all these awesome games comming out in the next few months

IaMs123746d ago

Im still amazed PS2 games are 20-50 bucks... that annoys me when Xbox 1 games go for like 2-15 dollars... and 60 is way to much come on... what next gen will be 70?

tatical3746d ago

They don't even make Xbox games any more, or the Xbox.

Spydiggity3746d ago

get a PC. games are 50 and updated content is almost always free...unless it's an expansion. plus the added user mods and updates.

BrotherNick3746d ago

I know man, totally agree with you. Team Fortress 2 and COD4 on PC, all the updates are free! :)

Excalibur3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )

How come when a game is released mutli-platform there are multi-price tags?
You use a plastic box, you print a cover and game manual and you burn a disk.
How come XBox 360 and PS3 costs $59.99
Wii and PS2 costs $49.99
and PC is $39.99 - $49.99??

Shouldn't the same game cost the same on all platforms?

And just to add.
For all you folks that thinks Joe Blow should get a ton more money because he voiced a character in a game that did well....

That is why games will cost us more.
Do you think the Devs will lose money when they have to pay more money?
No. They will just pass along the extra costs on to the consumer.

I personally think games should be between $30.00 and $40.00, no more.
Especially when some of these games can be beaten in a few days at the hardest level.


Im from the UK and shop online for cheaper games and amongst my stores browsed are GAME,Amazon and PLAY.

Usually you can buy brand new games at the most expensive £39.99

I Got Ninja Gaiden 2 for £32.99 and have pre-ordered TNA impact for just £29.99

All past generations games have been pretty much the same.....

Mind you i remember packs of Spectrum computers games (We are the champions 5 pack springs to mind) for £12.99 and they contained all awesome games for that time.

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