Old School's in Session with Mega Man 9 and More

VillageVoice writes: "When asked what new titles are worth buying right now, employees of big chain video game stores can barely muster a sales pitch. "You like sports games? There's another Madden out. And Mercenaries 2 just launched. It's a...first person shooter. I hear Too Human is kinda good. Nothing's out for the Wii. Wanna pre-order Gears of War 2?"

It turns out, the best new games on the market are 20 years old, and under $20. And, because they're all downloadable, you'll never have to step foot in your gas-guzzling POS to get them. Before you angrily crumple this article in your hand (not recommended for web readers), I know what you're thinking: "here's another die-hard old-school gamer ready to piss on anything made post-Super Nintendo." Well, you're only half-right."

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