The Best Kingdom Hearts Games: All 8 Ranked

The Kingdom Hearts series was one crazy idea about a meeting of Disney and Final Fantasy, that somehow worked well. But which games are the best?

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PhoenixUp587d ago

Holy crap Kingdom Hearts turns 14 years old in 4 days, at least it does in North America.

Where does the time go

LAWSON72587d ago (Edited 587d ago )

KH2 is just far more fundamentally flawed compared to its predecessor, and this is coming from someone who played 2 more than 1. As far as game design goes 1 is far better than 2. Solid list though other than that. Sadly I have not played 3d, however the odds of it being worse than the other handheld entries besides BBS is slim.

DarkOcelet587d ago

Nothings beats KH2, even though BBS came very close.

My hype for KH3 is through the roof.