CSM: Mercenaries 2 World in Flames Review

CSM Writes:

"The visuals of a building crumbling to the ground as smoke seeps through the wreckage are incredible. The vibrant explosions pack a ton of punch. And managing the bevy of options and weapons is easily handled through your PDA. Here, you can choose your missions, navigate the landscape with GPS, and sort out your stockpile of support options. These vary from bombing runs to tank and supply drops. Beyond the main missions, you can partake in a series of side quests. These fall under two main categories: Destroy a specific target or capture a high-value official."

"As exhilarating as the action is, the game exhibits some unusual quirks. Enemies don't act aggressive enough when in small groups. They will shoot for a couple seconds, then stop long enough for you to recover and finish them off. Your character seems to have a rough time moving between trees or other foliage, as if you're in quicksand. While lacking a bit of technical polish, Mercenaries 2 compensates by creating an invigorating battle environment."

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