Gothic 4 "Arcania": First video, new screenshots, release date

PCGH has screenshots and a video of Arcanica A Gothic Tale. The release date is said to be "Winter 2009".

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kittoo3746d ago

Lets hope its plays well too.

Ghoul3746d ago

gothic 3 was a hugemess im very glad gothic 4 is made by another dev team

Chester_B3746d ago

But I don't think that it was the fault of the dev. team. There was a lot of pressure for them to release the game as quickly as possible, although it wasn't finished, because the publisher wanted to see some cash. Furthermore Gothic 1 & 2 were both great games with a huge fanbase here in Germany.
Nevertheless the new Gothic looks awesome. I hope it plays so as well, because graphics have never been an important selling point for this game.
p.s. I think the old dev. team is developing a new Gothic simultaneously. This will be an interesting fight for the fanbase.

Ghoul3745d ago

well i am german i am a fan of gothic but i do know the team behind it (at least i got in contact with some of the staff) and i can assure you that they totally over estiamted theyre abilitys, the team is awesome at story telling and gamedesign but very bad o r lets say untrained at coding especially at the nextgen stuff. you know there was a reason gothic 2 was exactly the same level as gothic 1

ozsman3746d ago

This game looks sweet. Any chance this would come to a console?