Guerilla Games Director Herman Hulst Talks Killzone 2

Herman Hulst discusses Killzone 2 including other influences that helped inspire the cinematic style for the new sequel.

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DarK-SilV3721d ago

-I guees you can tell there are other environments(may be some green environment).

"The one level that we showed last year, the Corinth River, is set in city environments. As you proceed through the game, you get an opportunity to explore the planet Helghan and we go through different environments. There’s a lot of variety in it"

-Smart AI this is for the haters

"The AI is very clever now. There’s no sort of sitting back, because they’ll pop a grenade at you. They’ll come around. They’ll chase you down"

Kleptic3720d ago

the people that thought the game would not have much variety in level location where never taken very seriously...

Killzone 1's biggest high point was tons of different areas...the single player campaign, and shipped multiplayer maps, had areas from deserts, vekta orbit, snow capped mountains, jungles, to huge sprawling industrial cities (basically like what has been shown so far of Killzone 2)...there is no doubt that Killzone 2 will deliver on that as all...

the AI looks fine to me right now...but i'll admit that that was the biggest concern for me in terms of the SP...the first game had horrible AI...but it looks like its been sorted out...

LarVanian3721d ago

"""As you proceed through the game, you get an opportunity to explore the planet Helghan and we go through different environments. There’s a lot of variety in it, and we’ll show you that at a later date"""

I think all those "GreyZone 2" comments mean nothing now.
I honestly can't wait to see if there will be any countryside levels or some underground levels!

Fishy Fingers3721d ago

Helghan doesn't strike me as somewhere you'd find "countryside" but I hope there is a little more variety to the palette.

Kleptic3720d ago

the art director for the game mentioned that 'there are parts of Helghan that are extremely beautiful, even if the atmosphere is still relatively hostile' take that how ever you want...

thats from the 1up show preview I believe, when shane B. went to GG's headquarters to preview the game just before E3...

Sevir043720d ago

reason in point haters will be haters, KZ2 will pwn and will most likely e the FPS of 2009 for sony and will probably be the one to get copied for all the fps that'll follow for that year.

duel specialty customizable characters for online multiplayer capt at 32 player matchs on dedicated servers.

superb high fedility graphics and online 4 player co-op vehicles and all the things mentioned and demonstrated above

KZ2 will PWN come feb 2009..

It's gonna be awesome

arakouftaian3720d ago

Short but smart,
I lern that they will give us some wild new wepons
n I knew but he confirn that they r going to be a lot of enviroment from the H world n we all knew that is going to be few diferents kind of transportations to use in game

n last but best we all knew this is going to be the best FPS of 09.
( They will be few good ones too but only one that I may buy beside KZ2 maybe I buy the next infinity ward game if it's good)