5 Actors That You Didn't Know Were In Call of Duty

You won’t believe these five actors played roles in the Call of Duty franchise.

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popopdc823d ago

What about Conan O'Brien?

blackblades823d ago

We just had an article like this do we really need another one.

Name Last Name823d ago

WTF. Are we now allowing these shit bait articles that you usually see in the bottom of webpages?

JohnnyHurricane823d ago

Just because there can be 5 pages doesn't mean there needs to be 5 pages :)

stanr823d ago

The actors are
5. Ice Cube - Black Ops
4. Stephanie Lemelin - Several CoD games
3. Jason Statham - Call of Duty
2. Jimmy Kimmel - Black Ops II good ending
1. Idris Elba - Modern Warfare 3

Just saved you from going through this click bait list.

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