Pair of Wii U exclusive JRPGs discounted

Xenoblade Chronicles X has been discounted to $40.95 while Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is also on sale for $48.02.

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Nu821d ago

Nintendo is stuck with the kid friendly image

I will say the new Zelda is looking great

Segata821d ago

More than people think but less than enough. At least the ones Wii U did get are fantastic.

wonderfulmonkeyman821d ago

Pretty much this.
Though, if the NX has some way of letting us play 3DS games, that would be a really damned quick fix to that situation.
Monster Hunter Generations on the big screen would be so frikkin' sick...

rjason12821d ago

I just got xenoblade chronicles X from target for 18 bucks, it was in the clearance section.

iplay1up2821d ago

My GOTY last year, get past the first 2 hours and you are in for some good freaking times!!!