Edge: The State of Play at Eidos

Edge writes: "More and more people are playing games and the industry is generating greater revenues than ever before, but such statements mask an increasingly challenging game industry landscape, according to Eidos' creative director Ian Livingstone.

"If you look under the hood you will find there are many challenges that face the industry," he says. "Notably costs, skills, scale, working capital, management and technology."

Livingstone should know. Eidos, the most famous of UK publishers and the house of Tomb Raider, has had to navigate some major operational hurdles in recent times. In February its parent company SCi announced a new business strategy which would result in the cancelation of 14 projects and the axing of 25 percent of its workforce, with CEO Phil Rogers pledging a renewed focus on cornerstone studios and core franchises. According to Livingstone, the restructuring process is well on track and ready to bear fruit."

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