Deeko Writes: When Did JRPG's Become a Bad Thing?

Tri-Ace have created a beautiful game in it's own right, and while I'm currently slashing my way through it for a review, I've also kept a keen eye out on what others are saying about the game -- even some of the huge mainstream sites. While they do touch on certain small problems I myself have encountered, the biggest criticism I keep seeing is faulting the game for being the same old cliche JRPG story. You know the drill, unsuspecting young girl/boy is infact someone special and gets dragged along on an amazing quest to __________ and save the world. While the formula is old, it's one that Japanese developers have held tight to and for several reasons, one being culture. The Japanse gaming audience is not known for wanting or needed radically different stories in games. Sure, they like oddball characters and sometimes some downright insane plotlines, but for the most part when it comes to the RPG genre; there is a set formula that doesn't stray very much. Japanese gamers seem to enjoy it, and seeing as most Japanese developers cater to Japanese gaming tastes it goes without question that it's a formula that works and sells well -- so why change it?

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Rick Astley3753d ago (Edited 3753d ago )

Ever since Microsoft entered the console wars is the correct answer we're all looking for. They've been throwing around huge paychecks at famous devs to deliver them half-assed, rushed JRPG's for the Americans. Level-5 (Dragon Quest) and Square-Enix (Final Fantasy) haven't released any of their own work yet. This is when we'll see the REAL good JRPG's make a return.

1. Mistwalker? They're new and they still haven't proved to us that they're capable of making something original and memorable. Instead, they chose to develop uninspired, Unreal Engine 3 crap.
2. tri-Ace? They haven't made a good game in years and Star Ocean 4 will be their Last Hope.
3. Namco-Bandai? Well what can I say about them? Tales of Symphonia was their last, great JRPG.

Wait for Level-5 to release White Knight Chronicles. Wait for Square-Enix to release FFXIII and Versus XIII. You'll all see why hyped JRPG's like Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, and Tales of Vesperia didn't get above 80% on Metacritic. Seems to me like you've all forgotten what a "great" JRPG is. For shame, really. For shame.

SuicidalTendencies3753d ago

You probably haven't played a single game from the companies you listed this gen. Your just a fanboy hating on Microsoft. I also see your just a mindless follower. Using a "celebrity" name to make posts like all the other dipsh!ts on this site.

On topic: The problem is that gamers have been playing JRPG's since the NES. Not much has changed about them except graphics and battle systems. I think it's just that gamers in the West are getting tired of them.

Rick Astley3753d ago

I am a celebrity, Scott Hall. I'm not pretending.

Dlacy13g3753d ago

SAVE IT! You have no clue apparently. This has nothing to do with MS. Save your fanboy crap for the open zone or the forums.

JRPG's became a bad thing when the developers became unified in their story telling and character portraits. EVERY JRPG (MS,Sony,Nintendo...) feels more or less the same. Some young person struggling against some over arching power of evil. I don't understand why those developers can't seem to get away from that mold...but they just don't. They know what sells, so they just rinse and repeat with a few new sparkles. Their creativity is lacking, and they hide that with great graphics and cgi cutscenes that wow fans to the point that they forget they are playing the same basic story line they have played for the past 10yrs.

YoshiMeetsU3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

This has nothing to do with MS and the fanboy nonsense. These JRPG developers need a reboot on their creativity maybe WKC or FF will show us that.

You need to smell what your shoveling

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pwnsause3753d ago

when Microsoft payed for them and rushed them.

YoshiMeetsU3752d ago

Yes because JRPGs have all been critically acclaimed smash hits before MS. /sarcasm

Mr_Kuwabara3752d ago (Edited 3752d ago )

I feel sad for tri-ace though since they really are great devs but they seem to be suffering on the story side of there games. Take Till the End of Time for example. Now, the story wasn't that bad at the end, but from the beginning you don't know WTF the story is all about, it's only up until the end in which you finally realize what was the main goal and it even wasn't THAT amazing to begin with.

Radiata Stories had semi good story wise, the concept was there but the end really sucked.

They due "ace" the gameplay aspect though. Although I would like to play one of there games without having to always hear the characters scream there attacks. XD

Expy3752d ago

When? Since they haven't been good as of late? Save for a few...

IQUITN4G3752d ago

I know a lot of friends that have fallen out of love for jrpg's and i predict this trend continuing to be fair.Western designed games have got better and many of us are getting a little tired of the teen based hero etc like it always seems to be - it's just not believable when it repeated over and over

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