8BitJoystick Preview: Gears of War 2

8BitJoystick Writes:

"The big game that Microsoft was showing off at Penny Arcade Expo this year was Gears of War 2. There is a lot of hype that the game deserves building up to the release on November 7.

They showed a level that one of the lead animator from Epic Games presented on the big screen and they had a multiplayer level up and running on some networked Xboxen 350+10s. The one and only Cliff Bleszinski esquire was busy at the office cracking the whip on the programmers and testers trying to finish the game.

The overall the intensity and volume level of Gears of War was cranked up even more. Gears of War was already a big budget game but this one feels even bigger and more polished. You can easily tell that they did some major work on the heavily upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 3. Despite being an Unreal Engine game it did not look like a typical FPS made with the stock Unreal engine. They really have made an incredible investment in the technology that they used to make this game and it is really showing off."

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MURKERR3720d ago (Edited 3720d ago )

gears 2 looks good..but not much dif from gears1 theres only so much unreal engine can do nomatter how much tweaking is done so if that looks like a 2012 game to him then killzone must be 3030 visuals!

he really sounds like a 360 fanboy 'resistance seemed boring' bet he never even got to play it

Dark SeRaNADE3720d ago

Not necessarily, of course the unreal engine has a limit to it, all engines do, I have played Resistance and i thought it was boring, generic even, the only thing that stood out was the ability to shake your controller whilst you were on fire to prevent any additional damage, i thought that was an "ace" idea.

Of course, you can and will probably disagree with me on the resistance opinion but it is just that. An opinion, In no way should it affect you enough to come out and call someone a fanboy, this is someones opinion. so leave it at that.

buckethead_9113720d ago

Game of the Year. Confirmed.

General Pinky3720d ago

After I saw Gears of War 2 I headed over to the Sony booth and sat down with Resistance 2 on PS3. It just came across as boring after Gears.