AceGamez Review: Secret Agent Clank

Dom Turner Writes:

" There have been some great double acts in history. Sherlock Holmes had his trusty friend and sidekick, Dr Watson. Dangermouse, the heroic rodent of cartoon fame, could always rely on his old pal Penfold to either get in the way or save the day. Batman had Robin, Scooby-Doo had Scrappy, and Cannon had Ball. Maybe the last few examples aren't the best; sometimes, it seems, the sidekicks can be more annoying than indispensable. This is most definitely not the case in the weird and wonderful world of Ratchet & Clank though - the long-eared alien Ratchet and his robotic buddy Clank go together like bananas and custard.

Secret Agent Clank, however, is the first game in the series that focuses mainly on the robotic one, the ever-so cute and amusing Clank. He's been given a tuxedo (it's been painted on, by the looks of it), and a mission - he has to follow a stolen gem as it travels around, trying to retrieve it, while at the same time restoring the public's faith in his Lombax buddy Ratchet's good name. You see, it turns out that when the gem was stolen the furry one was caught red-handed at the scene. Not the sort of behaviour one would expect from such a famous hero, and the starting point (and driving force) for the whole game."

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