AceGamez Review - Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815

Andrew Howells Writes:

"War is hell - it's exhausting, complicated and confusing - but victory is always worth the effort. Quite appropriately, the new sequel to Birth of America from AGEOD and Ascaron Entertainment incorporates all these aspects of war. Birth of America II: Wars in America 1750-1815 is an extremely long title for a game and a good indicator of the extremely long time you're going to need to learn how to play. If, like me, you're not used to playing turn-based strategy games then this is going to be a confusing experience, because while I try my best to overcome challenges that games place in front of me, I find it difficult to properly evaluate a game that so frustratingly eludes my brain power.

Turn-based strategies and in particular BoA II carry with them the insane learning curve akin to becoming a nuclear physicist. Though the game does try to help newcomers with a tutorial level to teach the basics, it falls short of enabling you to be ready for the entire game without the aid of a massive instruction manual. Expertise in this genre will be a huge advantage to those who purchase the game, because you will need great patience and insider knowledge in order to get the most out of your experience. So, unless you are already a lover of turn-based strategy games you will most certainly find it hard to quickly comprehend the skills needed to play BoA II."

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