10° Interview - NHL 2K9 Developer Writes: "If there's one thing that 2KGames wants you to know about NHL 2K9, it's that the game is going to be accessible. Are you a casual hockey fan who wants to get into the game, skate, and score? 2K9 has you covered. A hardcore hockey fan who can't master the arcane, knuckle-busting control schemes of years gone by? 2K9 will take care of you. Want to manage a team through an entire season and win the Stanley Cup? Want to play online with all of your buddies in a variety of game modes? Want to analyze hockey games and create highlight clips of your exploits? All of these things have a home in NHL 2K9. 2KGames thinks it's a safe bet to say that if you're a hockey fan, no matter what you love about hockey will have a foothold in this year's edition.

It's important to note is that this year's game is founded upon an entirely new code base. This allows the developers to build from the ground up, and change the feel of the game substantially to match their overall goal of accessibility. As such, this iteration in the NHL 2K series can be considered a fresh start as much as part of an ongoing series of hockey games."

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