Interactive Distractions Podcast episode 42

The latest show from the Interactive Distractions team at VGEvo.

"Under 2 hours this week. Whoohoo!

First on todays menu is some Distractions, with what seems to be a little bit of everything. We all played some Warhawk, and it seems we all love Castle Crashers.

Then on to news. Some of it interesting... some not so much.

After the break, Chris has a Dear X, and shows off his dislike for MS once again... or does he?

For our feature this week. We had a ton of emails, and they help make some more interesting conversation about Quick Time Events.

After the feature, it's all about "quality" in the new release list. Then some people trying to steak Ace's thunder in the email segment, and for dessert... a new Question of the Week!

You might be saying, "Wow that sounds like a heluva show there guys."
Well press the damn play button and find out for yourself!"

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