The Growing Perils of Online Game-Play

Hackers are discovering the theft potential of role-playing games and virtual worlds, and gamers who want to have fun without being cyber-mugged need to wise up to the threat, suggests software security firm ESET.

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himdeel3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

...people would log in to find their accounts hacked...and until recently there hasn't always been a good customer friendly way to get your character back I hear. However it doesn't always end up with a person getting their character back.

With more online games coming out there has to be some new safe guards put into place.

lsujester3746d ago

New protections will help,, but there will always be an issue. MMO accounts will get hacked, games like Counter-strike will always have walls and aim cheats that beat VAC, etc.

Price you must pay for online gaming, I suppose.