WorthPlaying Preview: BattleForge

WP Writes: "Collectible card games have been a huge seller, ever since Magic: The Gathering hit the scene in the early '90s. Though there have been a few attempts to bring CCGs into the digital realm, none have really succeeded. Sony's Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation 3 was a solid attempt, but rampant card counterfeiting has been a thorn in the game's side since it was released. With Battleforge, EA and Phenomic are taking a different approach by merging elements of CCGs with a traditional RTS framework. We managed to get hands-on with an early version, and the result is very promising.

The first thing to know about Battleforge is that all of the cards are digital. There are no physical cards. Everything is stored on the server (yes, you'll need an Internet connection to play), so counterfeiting is a non-issue. Players who purchase the game will get a starter pack, which includes enough cards to form a full deck. The starter pack is comprehensive enough to beat the single-player game, but those playing in multiplayer will want to start stocking up on booster packs."

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