New Banjo Kazooie was originally a platformer

OXM reports that Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts did originally start life as a platformer.

However, Rare's Neil Harrison admits that it felt stale and didn't fit in with today's market.

"We thought well, we'll just do another platform game as Banjo Kazooie," Harrison explains. "We did that for a bit and as gamers and as developers, it just felt a little bit stale. It felt like it didn't fit in today's market. With the 360, there's just so much more we can do, we thought we'd try something different."

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NowGen3750d ago

this game should be fun. im looking forward to it. you dont get to many good platformers these days, so this fills a need on the 360.

NO_PUDding3750d ago

PS3 has platformers. That isn't an industry wide lack, just the 360.

Anyway, I told everyone the custom creation was tacked on. For that reason I ahve very little faiht.

gaffyh3750d ago

If this had stayed as a platformer I would have been looking forward to it. The first 2 games were great, and when the formula is good you don't change it, you should just tweak it a little.

Unfortunately it looks like Rare have changed it :(

Montrealien3750d ago

lol, thanx for reminding us that the PS3 has a platformer, a great one at that. And also for reminding us you clearly have no interest in the game mr I don`t want pudding. I just don`t think the vehicle creation is as (tacked on) as you say.

I can`t wait to try this game out, it has lots of promise imho.

cherrypie3750d ago


"The PS3 has platformers"

What? OTher than R&C, what is there? And, really, R&C is just as much a Third-person shooter as it is a platform game. More TPS than platformer really.

And, the Xbox 360 has Kameo, Katamari Damacy and Xbox LIVE Arcade titles too.

NO_PUDding3750d ago

Neither Kameo or Katamari Damacy are platformers.

And Katamari Damacy I have on my PS2, so OOOH win. You get ports from the PS2.

And if we talk about Live titles, then we shoudl talk about PSn too. And believe me, with the PSone dl games and the arcade games, the PS3 defintely has a lot of platforming action.

And By the way, the developer said it IS tacked on in a Gamersyde interview.

That's the only reason this budget title looks unimpressive.

Montrealien3750d ago

We get it pudding man, you don`t want to play this game.

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PirateThom3750d ago

I wish it had stayed a platformer, Nintendo and Insomniac have both proved that platformers are more than viable and can be innovative in their own ways.

Montrealien3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

where does it say it is not a platfomer anymore? I am pretty positive the platforming elements will be very solid. Rare have done some of the best platformers of the past 15-20 years and for so many years by under Miyamoto and nintendo. I have faith. And if it`s 40$ this should be full of win and value.

cherrypie3750d ago

R&C is a Third-Person Shooter, not a "platformer".

Second, Rare is *adding* innovative gameplay to the platformer genre, the new device-building activity is very inventive and will press what you can do with a "platform" game.

The devices are going to enable you to "reach" new platforme stages. Its a great idea, and from everything we've seen -- and what the previews and press is saying -- everyone agrees that Rare is pulling it off.

Looks like you're simply bitter frankly, Rare is going to have a big hit with Banjoo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts and the fans & market know it... this makes the usual group of anti-Xbox 360 / anti-MS zealots bitter & angry.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is going to rock.

militant073750d ago

that game made by RARE ??
Getting it :)
<3 RARE Games

PopEmUp3750d ago

of course pp u sure be getting it btw did u notice that sackboy just piss on your Banjo Kazooie face

Pain3750d ago

Rare is not the Real Rare,

The Real talent @ old Rare like the 60% that left to form FREE RAD they guys that made Timespiltter's and the 'to adult for kids HaZE' never went to M$ when Billy boy bought the Dev studio.

They left and thats why ALL the So called Rare games from M$ blow goats. so u have fun with that.

militant073750d ago

you idiot im not pp, im 360 fan .

nieto3750d ago

so they are trying to copy mariokart but with customizations? how original!

now bring on the disagrees! ;-p

Montrealien3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I totally agree, you have such a good point.

see what I did thar?

Deviant3750d ago

i dot not xD.
oh and @ ur post aboce it isnt a real platformer cause 70% of the game is about driving.

Montrealien3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

I don't either, I actually changed my post to the complete opposite of what I said earlier after I got 3 disagrees in 4 minutes. That's what I did thar, lol. I was really bored at work this morning.

As for this 70% thing, they say that somewhere? I'm sure there will be good platforming, even if its just 30% but I do hope this vehicle thing is more then a gimmick, I am hoping it will be good.

mijkil3750d ago

The vehicle parts wrent "tacked on"
They scrapped the whole origonal concept and went with the new version.
And for the love of god - it isnt a racing game - you build machines to complete traditional platforming goals.

cherrypie3750d ago

Exactly. The game has platform elements that require you to build devices to solve.

That is very cool. A heck of a lot more fun than SMG's "more of the same", and more PLATFORMER-centric than R&C's very traditional Third-person-shooter gameplay.

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