The PlayStation 4 Pro is the Most Pointless Console Ever

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Yesterday during the PlayStation Meeting Sony lifted the veil on the PlayStation 4 Pro, an upgraded version of their flagship system that sports the ability to play games in 4K and in HDR (High Dynamic Range)… and that’s about it. The internet’s knee jerk reaction was tremendous ‘meh’ as Sony unveiled their plans for the future of the PlayStation 4 and it’s easy to see why – the PlayStation 4 Pro barely offers any improvement over the standard model and what it does do that’s new is either already already available in other devices, not a guarantee that it will be supported going forward or just plain useless.."

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iNathan648d ago

You really need a life so you can stop writing such bs.

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Relientk77647d ago

And this website has zero credibility


Genuine-User647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

This is just the start. We're going to see a lot more of these misinformed type of articles telling us how pointless good IQ, enhanced graphics and better frame-rate really are.

Enthusiasts have it all wrong.

s45gr32647d ago

Stop defending Sony. Why waste $800.00 for outdated consoles. Really, pay $400.00 for UPSCALE 4K come on and the fact that HDR is coming to base PS4. If the games are upscaled to 4K it will only run at 30-25fps. That is so powerful. Is cash grab no matter how you slice it. For crying out loud the AMD RX480 OFFERS NATIVE YES NATIVE, NATIVE 4K RESOLUTION 60 FPS for $200.00. So much for the power of the PS4 Pro. You better off buying off the Scorpio (don't own a gaming PC), at least you are getting 4K resolution 60 frames per second.

Xb1ps4647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

At s4gr32

If all you needed was a graphics card.... that would be an amazing deal. Sadly you are missing a lot of parts to finish off that pc... and how much do 4k monitors cost again? Right....

Unspoken647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Well you could already have a computer? Kind of like you might already have a PS4 lol

So not missing much and can save money by buying a faster GPU. You have PC and XBox games to play from. That sound's like the better route especially if you want better image quality.

Even the XB1S has UHD playback and is cheaper.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

For someone that apprently owns a gaming pc you promote the scorpio alot... i think you might be talking out your arse about owning a pc, just saying.

babadivad647d ago

I see articles like this all the time about X1. Hell, the top story here is PS4 Pro is the nail in the coffin of the X1.

This site is full of fan boys, you just have to deal with it.

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4Sh0w647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

Flamebait Headline, but whatever this is n4g.

Definitely wouldn't say its pointless, fact is if you're ready to play console games in a HIGHER RES NOW than 1080p, (not native 4K) then PS4Pro is a good buy. Honestly though I thought Sony should have pushed the spec's/capabilities/hardwa re of the PS4Pro more than they actually did.

Xb1ps4647d ago

Jeez... I'm more of a Xbox guy my self but I did have a ps4, kind of still do just gave it to my son in anticipation to get the ps4 pro. Now with the xb1s and pro I'm not going to upgrade the Xbox I'd rather upgrade the ps4 and wait for scorpio because at the end of the day I would rather play 4k games, even if it's upscale or however ps4 pro makes it happen then to have a bruhd at the moment..

The ps4 has upgraded it's hardware that will already make great looking games look even better in 4k... how is that pointless? And The Damn Thing Is 400!

I don't understand how so many "gamers" are downplaying 4k.. I feel like I'm one of the very few that just can't wait for 4k and especially scorpio I want my eyes to bleed in glorious 4k games cause this gen graphics have been good but we sure as hell didn't make a big jump from last gen..

So here's to my few fellow gamers that just can't wait for November 10 and scorpio...

BQ32647d ago

I am realizing more and more all the time that a large segment of "gaming enthusiast" can't afford to be the enthusiast in that equation. Therefore instead of admitting the benefits of awesome tech they probably will not get, they instead downplay it as to not damper their own personal experience. Example, almost everyone that tries the PSVR gives it rave reviews yet their are still legions of people saying it is a gimmick or pointless because they can either not afford it, or chose Microsoft and don't want to support both systems. Therefore downplaying the PSVR eliminates the dissonance within their own value system.

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pompombrum647d ago

Not if you own a 4k tv it isn't.. while I have a few gripes myself, it's a nice mid-cycle console upgrade that comes in at a very reasonable price point.

Army_of_Darkness647d ago

And not to mention being able to play all upcoming games at 1080p /60fps is gonna be awesome! Looking at you uncharted 4!

itsmebryan647d ago

Please link to where Sony says all games will be [email protected] . In their new 4K console.

Death647d ago

If the developer codes their game to take advantage of the hardware 1080p/60fps shouldn't be a problem. The issue we are seeing is devs are making games for the PS4 and porting to the Pro without any tangible gains. I would hope over time this won't be the norm. Right now the only ones seeing improvements will be 4K HDR owners on select games. 1080p owners won't benefit enough to warrant an upgrade. New PS4 owners have the choice between PS4 or PS4 Pro at a higher price. It's a very odd launch for a mid-gen upgrade.

RedDevils647d ago

You'll be in for a big disappointment if it doesn't right?

uth11647d ago

They never promised that. It's up to the developer. Multiplayer games will run at the same FPS as PS4 so nobody has an unfair advantage.

s45gr32647d ago

It does provide information please

LexHazard79647d ago

@death, thats not true. Was I the only one who saw the conference when they were showing some 4K upscale footage and also some 1080p enhancements. So its worth it...also get the system now and then upgrade tv later on. Im not gonna read anymore of these, if you dont have a 4K tv its not worth it. So is a game running on 1080p on a gtx 750 gonna look the same as a game running at 1080p on a gtx 780? Serious question becausr I dont have a PC. But I just want to know.

Also btw...I like to game on monitors and was wondering if a 4k 28" will show some of those improvements.
Also does anyone know if the PRo can do 21:9? Thanks

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Juiceid647d ago

Wasn't this article written just a couple of months ago about the Xbox S? It really must not be hard to create a gaming website and create pointless articles just to justify your existence.
Look, if they build it people will buy it. Goes for anything in this world. Shoes, tech, cars, etc. not everyone will want one, not everyone could use one, not everyone can buy one. For those people willing to depart with their money for anything, that's up to them. No need to judge or bash.

s45gr32647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

If it was native 4K 60 frames per second for $400.00. Then yes this article would be anti-Sony bias article; however, it does not offered what I stated. The PS4 Pro offers:

UPSCALE UPSCALE UPSCALE 4K resolution at 30-25 frames per second

HDR which is coming to base PS4

That is it, no new gaming features, no new technologies, no new ways to play games. How can I defend it.


PC browser capabilities with PDF support
4K Netflix, Amazon, etc
Able to record 4K homemade videos
Basic video editing

Even a smartphone offers so much more than the PS4 Pro, that is 😢.

The AMD RX480 offers native 4K plus 60 frames per second for $200.00

Again only fools or corporate slaves defend corporations, not true gamers

superchiller647d ago

Simple solution: use your smartphone for all your gaming, should work fine for your needs. Casual gamers like you don't need a real gaming console.

Stevonidas647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


Name ONE game (AAA, not Indie, and not some MOBA with a fixed isometric camera) that runs at 4K resolution fully maxed on a RX480.

I'll wait.

BQ32647d ago

Your the one looking like a fool lmao. RX480 running native 4k at pus 60. Obviously you don't actually own the tech and have very little understanding of it's capabilities. the 1080 is the current beast and even that struggles to run 4k over 60. I bet your voting for Trump.

babadivad647d ago (Edited 647d ago )


Doom on Vulcan. But that's probably the only one. The 480 isn't built to be a 4k card

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freshslicepizza647d ago

it is mostly used to help psvr.

Goldby647d ago

its mostly used to enhance the experience playing games.

freshslicepizza647d ago

Certain games and it will depend on each game. Tomb Raider well allow 3 different variations but what about Bloodborne?

Goldby647d ago

What about Bloodborne,
They haven't talked about it, but i bet it will be increasing the resolution of assets, probably make the blood splatter more vibrant to offset the Lovecraft Victorian Gothic setting.

mad-dog647d ago (Edited 647d ago )

It's not even pointless if you have a 1080P TV (or projector).
And it's better for VR.

For people who don't have a PS4 yet, but also for people who like the extra fidelity and effects.

pompombrum647d ago

How is it better for vr? I was having problems with the stream and might have missed them mentioning it in context to psvr.

Goldby647d ago

increased vidual fidelity and assets for PSVR, and also allows for higher framerates before the HMD reporjects it

mad-dog646d ago

increased vidual fidelity and assets for PSVR, and also allows for higher framerates before the HMD reporjects it