Sony says the 4K PS4 Pro is 'where we think the market wants to go'

Yesterday at the PlayStation Theater in New York City, Sony announced two new iterations of the PlayStation 4, both of which are due to launch this year.

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Overload532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

"I think the fact that we’re going to put this on the market on November 10th, and we’ve been working on it for two, two and a half years, if other people are also innovating in the life cycle, I think that began after we started."

Of course it did.

Also, the PS4 Pro seems to be doing quite well, it will be interesting to see if it can maintain or if the cheaper slim overtakes it during the holidays.

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MasterCornholio532d ago

I personally believe the Slim will sell more just because Sony is probably producing more of them.

donthate532d ago

Doesn't matter when you started. That's just baloney, because I don't buy stuff based on how long people have been working on a console. I buy a console, because it gives values in the area I'm interested in. When you started isn't one of them, and lack of UHD Blu-Ray drive is the opposite of value.

But Sony is not reacting right, they are leading with lack of UHD Blu-Ray drive. I see now that Sony learned a lot from the Xbox 360 that stuck to DVD! o_0

rainslacker532d ago

You know, in all the time we've both been on here, and had our differences, I was thinking this would be the first time I'd ever agree with you, because you were spot on in that first paragraph, and then you go an kind of ruin it with those last two sentences. The first part is fair enough to emphasize your point, and show that they aren't adding value, but that last part just kind of came across as bitter, and the two scenarios are entirely different, with different implications to the consumer.

MS keeping DVD on the 360 affected all gamers across the board, as most games ended up having to conform to that medium despite a better medium being available. The lack of inclusion of a UHD player just means people that want that feature can't use it for said feature, and ultimately only affects their willingness to buy the system with that intent. Beyond that, the PS4P and X1S are relatively equal outside the PS4P having the obvious power advantage, with real world examples shown of the different options it can provide to games themselves, which do extend beyond just HDR, some of which are relevant to the entire install base, instead of just those with 4K TV's.

DJustinUNCHAIND532d ago

It's a brand new product.

I would be surprised if it wasn't at the top of Amazon.

Bansai531d ago (Edited 531d ago )

Still damage controlling, nice. Must be nice to have all that time for pointless things in life like that.

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YinYangGaming532d ago

"if other people are also innovating in the life cycle, I think that began after we started." That's the one bit I don't agree with. I would imagine Microsoft started on Scorpio as soon as the weak, underpowered X1 was released in 2013

Overload532d ago

Then why is it releasing pretty much 12 months after the PlayStation Pro?


Because it's using a different GPU the GPU that will be in the Xbox Scorpio hasn't even been released in the market yet I do have to say as a computer guy there's no way Sony has been planning this for two and a half years all they did is wait for the new GPU architecture to drop overclock their CPU and drop in a new GPU you can do the same with any PC that being said I just got back from EB Games and fully paid for the PS4 Pro

uth11532d ago

Because they are dependent on AMD tech which is not available yet. Just like PS4Pro couldn't release until now because the Polaris chips only recently became available.

donthate532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Basically Sony gambled on VR being big, and that they needed a more powerful console than PS4, so the rushed to get PS4 Pro out. MS did what is best for gamers, and waited a year to give you best bang for your buck possible.

MS are going with new architecture for both CPU and GPU with Vega and Zen. No half measures, no stopgap. Just full on raw performance to make your eyes bleed!


I didn't say I have no interest in VR. I actuallly have VR on my PC, which I upgraded specifically for VR. I just don't think the general public will accept it as it is which is quite different.

Christopher532d ago

***Basically Sony gambled on VR being big, and that they needed more powerful console than PS4, so the rushed to get PS4 Pro out.***

You keep creating that narrative of yours. Even though everything shown has been confirmed to run on PS4 with only minor issues that are typical in alpha/beta stages occurring in the floor demos. And this is coming from the guy who has no interest in VR, PS4 Pro, or the like. It just gets annoying seeing you try to create this narrative by posting it so often without any actual facts.

freshslicepizza532d ago

"Then why is it releasing pretty much 12 months after the PlayStation Pro?"

for technology/price ratio to catch up. sony's ps4 pro seems more aimed at enhancing psvr by not including a ultra bluray drive and by merely having some upscale technique to achieve non-native 4k. the cpu is basically the same as the original ps4 as well. i seriously doubt scorpio will be the same cpu.

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ThePope532d ago

I think they started development the moment Phil took over. The funny thing is the only thing these moves by Sony and MS show is that consoles aren't going any where which is awesome.

miyamoto531d ago

MS revealed their hand first again...

MilkMan532d ago

Nope. We want better and more triple A games.
Sony should stick with movies and games and leave the TV selling to Samsung and Vizio.

Overload532d ago

Who has better and more AAA games than PlayStation?

gangsta_red532d ago

Nintendo has more AAA games that are rated higher.

Overload532d ago

The Wii U does have great games, albeit none recently.

Christopher532d ago

PC also has better and more AAA games than PlayStation...

343_Guilty_Spark532d ago

Multiplats matter more than Sony exclusives

Overload532d ago (Edited 532d ago )


That's debatable. The industries biggest developers like Rockstar and Naughty Dog (for example) are found making console games generally.

ShadowKnight532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

@Gangsta_red that makes Microsoft look even worse without first party studio's. Nintendo and Sony is doing a great job in that department. Even PC has more AAA games lol 😅

gangsta_red532d ago


"that makes Microsoft look even worse..."

Okay...if you say so...I was under the impression that Overload wanted to know who had better or more AAA games.

When did this turn into a "lol @ Microsoft" jamboree and why should I care?

Christopher532d ago

***That's debatable. The industries biggest developers like Rockstar and Naughty Dog (for example) are found making console games generally.***

I guarantee the list of higher rated, AAA exclusives on PC will easily beat any other platform out there. It may not have the 'highest rated' game, but it will have more higher rated (90+ metacritic) games than any other platform. It will also have more crap games than all the other platform put together, but, you know, that's the part of PC gaming we don't talk about in public.

nix532d ago


Last gen Sony had 3 GOTY games. Xbox had one, i think - Gears of War. Almost every nominations were either PS exclusives or Xbox. I rarely saw a PC exclusive win a GOTY. I understand one or two years of not getting GOTY but an entire generation?

Christopher532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

***Last gen Sony had 3 GOTY games. Xbox had one, i think - Gears of War. Almost every nominations were either PS exclusives or Xbox. I rarely saw a PC exclusive win a GOTY. I understand one or two years of not getting GOTY but an entire generation?***

Wait, is this about 'better and more AAA games' or is this just about 'GotY winners'? Which is it? What goal post are we moving now and to where? Need help?

The reason PC doesn't get recognition is because so much focus has been put on consoles or third-party titles available on all platforms. But, you want a Game of the Year winner? Pillars of Eternity. Best RPG from last year, completely overlooked solely because The Witcher 3, which is a great game, has the mass market focus due to being on all platforms.

I'll tell you what, though, look at streaming and activity, and PC games come out on top. Look at competitive games? PC games come out on top. Look at MMO/MP games? PC games come out on top.

The fact is, there are more games available on PC that are not available on any console. From those games, a good number of them are very highly rated and are AAA games. Even moreso, a game on PC will always work. You don't need to save an old PC or PC component to play a past game. You can play it on your current PC and the next and so on. In addition, PC gaming brings out the latest technology first and has the best looking games of each generation, even if people choose to ignore that PC exists and go with something like Uncharted 4 (it's a beautiful game, but better than what you can get on PC? C'mon now...). And, further, never ever discount what PC gaming has done to make console gaming what it is today. It's because of PC games that consoles have many of the games we do today.

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2pacalypsenow532d ago

Sony has some of the best 4k TV's on the market, only thing is most people are too cheap to buy them.

MilkMan532d ago

Right, wich is why 4K gaming is not a "thing" right now.
It's less than 1% adoption rate.

LexHazard79532d ago

Well yeah when the competition is selling better TVs cheaper.

trooper_532d ago

Okay, let me know when Microsoft invests in new IPs because Sony is the only game company doing it.

-Mezzo-532d ago

Like myself, people have themselves to blame more than Sony, the Hype/Rumors ( Like Always ) got way out of hand and not that we look at what was revealed, it's actually not bad, not bad at all keeping $399 Price Tag in mind.

Plus, this simply is not an Answer to Scorpio, i am almost willing to bet that a proper Next-Gen system like Scorpio will come Late 2018/early 2019.

BlackTar187532d ago

I agree i think 2018 reveal 2019 release. If this is a mid gen like they say 2019 would be the release date. I believe MS said every 4 years for them so that's 2021 for the new system.

donthate532d ago

I'm looking forward to 2019-2020, because we are going to get the Xbox Kracken to fight the PS4 Pro 2: The sequel.

vergilxx3532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Im glad that they are doing pro version i really want ps4 for it's exclusives
better graphics and higher frame rate is a bonus
day 1 for me and i don't care what people think about it i'm still getting it

Blade92532d ago

Good deal already pre ordered mine. :)

343_Guilty_Spark532d ago

PS5 will come 2020 at the earliest. But then Scorpio 2 will be there in 2021.

ShadowKnight532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

Announcement E3 2018 and release early 2019 with EXCLUSIVE GAMES buddy. There I fixed it for you 😅😂

Xbox isn't a threat anymore. They can't even sell 25 million consoles in 4 years 😂😅

BlackTar187532d ago

lol at the comment AT THE EARLIEST and then Scorpio 2 in 2021.

3 yrs from now for ps5 is so attainable and is in line with the Term MID gen upgrade on the nose.

LexHazard79532d ago

@shadowKnight, but it hasnt been 4yrs.

rainslacker532d ago (Edited 532d ago )

I think it's more down to people have been saying since the beginning it's not enough for this gen, despite it probably being OK overall. The 4K stuff is just overhyping all this even more though, and if this new paradigm continues in some form going forward, it's only going to become more rediculous where it leads to too much potential for companies to start focusing on the wrong thing.

I don't think Sony is really wrong overall in what they're saying here, but it seems both companies tried to start the gen too early, instead of toughing it out another year or two to get to a point where it would actually be beneficial for the consumer as a whole, and not require more investment to stay ahead of the curve.

More specifically though, I think both console makers kind of forced the market to want to go this way by releasing consoles which were perceived as under powered across the board. Before this gen, I've never once heard someone hope for more console releases which blur the lines between generations, or give multiple options to the consumer. Even before the rumors started I never heard people asking for that, they just complained about the power of the systems. Complaining about it isn't the same as the market wanting this new option, it's just them complaining that the companies didn't do something right the first time.

Other than that, the PS4P specs are fine, and the features are nice regardless of if you own a 4K TV or not. Whether it's worth it will be up to the individual. The only thing which made me say I wouldn't get one is the lack of the UHD player, since that is the only thing I would conceivably want from it at this time. Despite some games taking advantage of the new features, I have this feeling that most software still won't fully utilize the Neo's benefits until next holiday season.

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