Pong Watch is the Greatest Watch EVER

John Maushammer created a watch that I want. You see, it's a watch that has Pong on the face. You can't play it, but that is why I think it's freaking awesome. When every minute goes by, the left side scores. But when the hour passes the right side scores. The outcome of the game is the actual time.

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Marcello3722d ago

I hope these go into production as i am definatly getting one :)

MonkeyMan3722d ago

Slightly large, and why are the minuets on the left and hours on the right?

Anyways, i'd still get one if I could.

Morrissey3722d ago

It's large because it's a prototype and I don't know what you mean about the hours and minutes being on the wrong sides.

They look like they're right to me.

Adamalicious3721d ago

I'm not fooled. The Mozzer doesn't play video games :P

Morrissey3721d ago

It's my dirty little secret, most of my songs are about metal gear solid really.

BabyStomper50003722d ago

So how long before you actually know what time it is?

Amp3722d ago

is always at the top of the watch, as a minute goes by, the left paddle scores a point, when the hour goes by, the right paddle will score a point, but the time is always shown on top

wAtdaFck3722d ago

Its like a perpetual game of Pong...

kinda scary.

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