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NO_PUDding3669d ago

Phils babies will be near bald blonde boys, who are 7 ft tall.

AAACE53669d ago

Not to sound fanboyish or sarcastic...

But have you noticed that Sony has been losing alot of people over the years? I know MS has as well, but for someone working at sony, to go to a nearly bankrupt company like Atari!

Could it be that there is something going on behind the scenes that we aren't aware of?

NO_PUDding3669d ago

There has been two people who have left Sony, one last year and one just now.

And no doubt it was Phil who hired her, who persuaded her to follow to Atari. Becuase ofcourse he is president of that company.

Maybe you should worry abotu real life conspiracies, rather than ones in the gaming industry.

gaffyh3669d ago

I'm betting Phil had something do to with this. He lured her to Atari!! Lol

creeping judas3669d ago

so what youre saying is the gaming industry is not real??

"Maybe you should worry abotu real life conspiracies, rather than ones in the gaming industry. "

: )

yesah3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

wow sony, your company is a massive sausage feast right now, let any more girls go and you should hire richard simmons as your mascot....although you might have to take him on loan from microsofts break room

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Silogon3669d ago

Maybe now they'll let it die off??? 50 million copies later, probably not. Phil is no doubt the cause for this. He probably had to have his mistress within' ear shot of his $#ITTY work at Atari.

Fishy Fingers3669d ago

and what "sh**y work" is that? Perhaps Alone in the Dark? A game that was well into development before Phil even took the job at Atari.

Silogon3669d ago

Yeah, that's right. Alone in the Dark; that's the game. Phil is such a smoker. That guy isn't fooling anyone with his casual junk. Atari is such a crap company and he's not saving anything. If anything we'll see Atari consumed by Microsoft before it is all said and done... All that heritage, wasted.

MvmntInGrn3669d ago

I can never help but wonder, why Atari?

anh_duong3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

atari are making a big push into casual gaming.. experiences with aitd will only speed this process

paulina has been highly successful in driving the casual side of sony's business

coolfool3669d ago

I don't they are going to a money from me.....not a single penny.

SolidSnake933669d ago

Atari will make a comeback, I don't know how, I just feel it.

MajesticBeast3669d ago

wow joining a company that makes crappy games and leaving a good 1 is this the twillight zone?

THC CELL3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

look on the good side at least we wont get crap games like the betas x box have been having

This will shock a load of u but it looks like Atari are going to be
Exclusive to Sony Soon

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The story is too old to be commented.