Intel to launch two super fast SSDs in Q4

Fudzilla writes: "Intel plans to put a lot more attention to solid state drive market and it plans to bring a few drives to market.

Currently the company is selling at least five different drives based on Intel value SSD series including 2GB, 4GB in Z-P140 variation and 4GB, 8GB and 16GB in Z-P230 PATA SSD variation. Z-P230 uses the standard 40-pin ZIF connector and has same as 1.8" mobile HDD width but half the footprint while Z-P140 is a small form-factor solution with overall BGA Package Envelope: 12x18x1.8mm.

Intel is also selling X25-M and X18-M high performance solid state drive and both are available in 80GB size. These drives can support 240MB/s read speed and 70MB write speed. X25-M is 2.5 inch SATA drive and in Q4 it will also come as 160GB product while X18-M is 1.8 inch SATA drive."

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