Intel's consumer Quad core market won't grow

Fudzilla writes: "We found some quite disturbing news that quad core market for Intel CPUs actually isn't growing and that in some cases it will shrink down in Q4 2008.

Intel divides its market to two segment, Business OEM and consumer market. In the consumer market things are not really moving as in Q3 2008 Intel plans that seven percent of all CPUs will be Core 2 Quad 65nm while six percent will be 45nm based Quad cores. In Q4 2008 the ratio will change and Intel will increase the production of 45nm Quad cores to eight percent while the 65nm quad core market will shrink to five percent, but again we will end up with a magical 13 percent of the whole CPU market for quad cores. Q4 is traditionally the best quarter and Intel won't grow at all in this very profitable segment."

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badz1493749d ago

of having Quad core CPU when almost no application available currently is optimized for it? most of the time only 2 cores are running while the other two stays idle! what a waste

DeadlyFire3749d ago

They are coming just another 2-4 years before they are useful to Quad-core computers though. Once 6 core and 8 core computers start arriving then more multiple core programs will be used.

SoIid Snake3749d ago

Not until games start utilizing all four cores.

thehitman3749d ago

In 2-3 years there will be 6-8 cores and then all game developers will be thanking Sony for all the experience they have developing on it with the ps3.