WorthPlaying Preview - 'Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway'

WorthPlaying writes: "With the glut of WWII-themed games littering the store shelves, it's getting harder and harder for people to figure out what sets each franchise apart. One can only bomb so many bunkers, kill so many Nazis (wait, actually that never gets old) and make the "difference" in the war so many times.

However, the Brother in Arms series has at least attempted to break from the pack by emphasizing actual storytelling, complete with unique characters, plotlines, cinematic shots and relatively meaningful conversations. While other series use the concept of story as primer before splashing on coat after coat of visual and gameplay color, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is about how the game connects with the player just as much as what it asks the player to do.

As the name could suggest, you're in command of a small squad of soldiers, each of them with varying personalities. However, this isn't your typical potpourri of GIs - Ubisoft has taken the liberty of adding some historical perspective."

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