Tatsunoko vs Capcom Shocker: They Didn't Reuse a Morrigan Sprite

Howdy folks, I'm back from my month-long "holy crap I am never going to get all this work done" hiatus to return to my illustrious Jtor posting career. Did you miss me? Don't lie, I know you did! Never fear, if ever I must leave you again, you can pick up issues of Otaku USA and snuggle with them for comfort.

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Bombibomb3747d ago

Don't like how it plays out. When you jump up for example, it takes too long to drop back down. I don't know everything just looks slow.

Tacki3747d ago

This is actually a bit old. I saw that video awhile back. I'm not sure how much of the game you've seen Bombibomb. but that particular trailer does seem to make the game look slower. They have some gameplay vids on gametrailers like this one...

The game looks to be considerably faster in these. Personally I think it looks great and I very much hope they bring this one outside of Japan as well.

Bombibomb3747d ago

Looks like you're right. Thanks for that. + Bubble.

Oner3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

WOW! This is game is looking much better than I thought (100% 1st day purchase if it comes to consoles), looks like this would be the absolute KILLER way to follow the next series for Marvel vs Capcom 3!...well one can hope at least ;)

Oner3747d ago

Found an obscure post on Youtube from someone who went to comi-con 08

"They are planning on releasing a part 3 of MvC it was hinted (announced) at Comic-Con"

I remember hearing about something like that on G4 but we will see...

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SuicidalTendencies3747d ago

This game better get a release outside of Japan and make it to consoles. Playing as Ken from Gatchaman = win.

LightofDarkness3747d ago

I saw this a while ago. Plus they didn't reuse Morrigan "sprites" or anyone's for that matter. The game is rendered in 3D. There are no "sprites."

Xakep3747d ago

That was kind of the joke man considering Capcom was using Morrigan's sprite from the first Darkstalkers in EVERY game following it, even though everyone else got sprite updates around her.

riksweeney3747d ago


That is true, but Capcom simply could of simply rendered Morrigan's Darkstalkers sprite to a 3D polygon. This would have allowed them to have a "3D" Morrigan whilst still continuing to wind up the fans.

frey3747d ago

Yeah, Ive checked most vs games out after darkstalkers and Ive never seen another morrigan until now.

saphiron3747d ago

I want MvsC3.. Just use this engine capcom.