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Eurogamer writes: "That title. I mean, really. Are they even trying to make sense, or do Japanese RPG developers just shove random English words together these days and hope for the best? Will next year see the release of a 60-hour epic called Melancholy Windsock Concerto? Decoding its semantic tangle, I can only surmise than an "infinite undiscovery" refers a long-winded and fruitless task that feels like it'll never end. And, funnily enough, that's almost the perfect description of this deeply flawed effort from Star Ocean creator tri-Ace.

According to the pre-release hullabaloo, the idea was to create a revolutionary game that would shake up the staid world of JRPG with its bold ideas. What we've ended up with is a game that wallows in the exact same narrative clichés as its peers, while its attempts to break out of the traditions of turn-based combat and linear progression are either non-existent or hopelessly fumbled."

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Bombibomb3420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

Poor old tri-Ace. I won't be surprised when Star Ocean 4 fails too.

Immortal Kaim3420d ago

You are actually one of the saddest fanboys on N4G, why are you trolling here? Why would you want a game to fail? Anyway, this my ignorant friend is called a review, its based on personal perspective and opinion, hence the wide range of scores IU has attained. Your a sad, sad individual.

3420d ago
Immortal Kaim3420d ago

I understand IU isn't a AAA title, with a metacritic score of 72, its just an average RPG, I'm not disputing that. I'm talking about the childish manner in which you come in here and say "I wont be surprised if SO4 fails". It's obvious your 5 year old attitude your displaying is present because Star Ocean is coming to the 360? Am I right?

Also, I haven't actually played IU yet, though I do base my purchasing decisions on a culmination of reviews, I prefer to actually try a game before I diss it, I'm guessing you don't have the same principles?

Taker_1293420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

You're being fanboyish, lol. Dont let reviews decide what games you buy. Some of the best games I have ever played had low reviews. Decide for yourself if you like the game.

badz1493420d ago (Edited 3420d ago )

IU is a new franchise and of cause the review will be quite critical for it! as for SO4, I have to disagree(but I didn't press that disagree button, mind you)because the franchise name itself already warrants a 7/10 from most reviewers no matter on which console it's on! I'm predicting around 8.5/10 for SO4 - just for fun!

Firstkn1ghT3419d ago

Just accept the fact that you have absolutely no life and the only happiness you have is when an 360 exclusive game gets low scores. I bet you crack a smile every time you see a low score on a 360 exclusive huh? I bet that's the only time you crack a smile.

It's sad really. :(

chanto233419d ago

look who's talking...OMG i can't believe you had the nerve to say that...

gaffyh3419d ago

5 is really low man, I was expecting atleast a 7 from most sites, it can't be that bad.

mfwahwah3419d ago

That was completely your perspective. You thought "It's only on 360, so he's bashing it because of that." Maybe, he said it based on their previous game, Infinite Undiscovery. It's not a good thing to do sometimes, but it's not necessarily a "fanboy" thing. Look at what you thought of first, and didn't even look at it another way and rationalize it.

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Bombibomb3420d ago

Infinite Floppery, developed by Tri-Flop.

Laexerias3420d ago

I mean, WTF? What is he thinking!? I mean okay!? Infinite Undiscovery isnt the best JRPG ever made, but its fcking awesome!?
Jeez i gonna blow his car. *spread white makeup and red lipstick in his face*
Why so serious?

TheColbertinator3420d ago

I don't trust Eurogamer though.Ever since they gave an 8 to Bioshock and MGS4 I have not trusted them.

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