Interview: Life After The Witcher And Looking Forward With CD Projekt RED

Paul writes "There are few who don’t know the name CD Projekt RED, as they developed the acclaimed Witcher series and have received a lot of praise for it over the years. They started out as a small studio back in 1994 in Warsaw, Poland as just CD Projekt back then. Initially, they worked on Polish localisation for major Western titles including the classic Baldur’s Gate games, published by Interplay Entertainment. After becoming friends and colleagues of companies that were partnered with Interplay, such as BioWare, CD Projekt was working on the PC version for Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance when Interplay eventually went bankrupt and splintered in many directions with some IP landing with Bethesda, others with BioWare. CD Projekt decided to reuse part of the code they had for Dark Alliance and that game eventually became the first Witcher in 2007".

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