10 Reasons Firefox won't be worried about Chrome

Google Chrome is not the end of Firefox. Another open-source browser is not going to bring down Mozilla's ten years of development and evolution overnight. Here's a quick 10 reasons not to panic:

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BulletToothtony3747d ago

but it's a little early to really compare.. but yeah, the extensions and addons that ffox has are awesome, and chrome is gonna have to work amazingly hard just to catch up.

Rikitatsu3747d ago

That Chrome is way faster, Lighter, More user friendly

and thats what most people want

verb3k3747d ago

You're not in a position to speak for most people. In fact, most people stick to Firefox mainly because of add-ons.

n4gzz3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

I went with chrome already on one comp. But i still use firefox on my laptop.

By the way, Chrome's logo reminded me old timer SIMON SAYS game. :D

I Make Stuff Up3746d ago

"You're not in a position to speak for most people"

And then you go and do exactly that in your next sentence.
Tsk Tsk.

Kholinar3746d ago

"In fact, most people stick to Firefox mainly because of add-ons."

In fact, most people use whatever's installed on their computer, i.e. IE.

In other facts, a large section of firefox users don't even know they can use extensions. If they have any installed, it's usually a Yahoo toolbar or some such nonsense.

I love firefox, but I find it amazing how defensive people get. Who cares if google destroys firefox? If firefox can't keep up, it deserves to be destroyed.

thebudgetgamer3746d ago (Edited 3746d ago )


edit: i want to try chrome i just have to wait untill they release a mac version

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verb3k3747d ago

Chrome’s an interesting new project from Google, so of course the media is chroming at the mouth (pun credit) to tell you all about it, but this is how the media makes money. A plethora of coverage does not prove Chrome is the best browser, it proves it is the newest. We won’t really know what people think of Chrome until the smoke clears and people use it in their daily lives.

(Quote from the article)

Rikitatsu3747d ago

Convince anyone with your FUD

kyleg3746d ago

both are dam good, but i have been using Chrome more then Firefox. Chrome is just so much faster so so much faster and Firefox is so dam fast to off with.
i think Chrome might take the win in the long run maybe who knows time will tell.....

bomboclaat_gamer3746d ago

when chrome gets addons and themes like firefox. then ill give it a try. but not right now. its still in beta stage, so u cant really make comparisons right now